Vote today for the REAL Awards honoring Frontline Health Care Workers

Back in November I wrote a post about Save the Children and the Frontline Health Worker Coalition’s inspiring REAL Awards to honor some of the amazing, dedicated health workers around the world who are on the ground in developing countries saving lives (To read the post, click here).

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I’ve talked a lot about Frontline Health Care Workers before in my posts as I find these people to be truly unbelievable in the work they do and the lives they save. Oftentimes, Frontline Health Care Workers provide the only medical intervention available to the millions who live in poor, remote areas of the world. In many developing countries especially throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, reaching the nearest health care clinic is days away by foot. In countries that have high child mortality rates, Frontline Health Care Workers are the key to increasing child survival for under age 5.  Furthermore, Frontline Health Care Workers can also help decrease maternal deaths by offering prenatal care and help with deliveries. Their value is unmeasurable and finally these amazing health care workers are being recognized for the work they have done through the REAL Awards.

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The REAL Awards will be a way to honor, respect and appreciate the amazing difference that Frontline Health Care workers are achieving both in the United States and around the World. Some of the fabulous Frontline Health Care Workers in developing nations have already been honored. Now it is time to read the stories behind the inspiring health care workers in the United States and vote.

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The voting phase for the US nominees is coming to a close soon. The deadline to vote is January 7th. 

Please click on the following link to read their stories and vote on who you feel should be honored. It is a difficult choice as everyone is a hero. To vote, click here.



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