A look around the world through Harold’s incredible lens

Awhile back I found a delightful blog called “Through Harold’s Lens“. Ever since, I’ve been captivated by Harold’s brilliant photography and images of the Maasi. I find his work too incredibly beautiful not to share and asked if he’d put together a guest post of some of his work. Here is a small portfolio that includes seven unique photos from around the world. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! -thirdeyemom

A look around the world through Harold’s incredible lens

by Harold Green Sr.

2009__Oceania_Sacandinavian_Splendors_Cruise-2027September 1, 1939.

POLAND. Gdansk Through Harold’s Lens: I felt like this woman was crying over her family’s tragic history in Gdansk. A city of about 500,000 on the Baltic coast in northern Poland, Gdansk is the country’s principal seaport. On September 1, 1939, World War II started when the forces of Nazi Germany invaded Gdansk. Two weeks later the Soviet Union invaded Gdansk. Soon there was large-scale death and destruction from the bombing. Thousands were killed, probably her family, and the city’s historic buildings were utterly destroyed.

0902_South_America_048Wild Talent.

ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires Through Harold’s Lens: The outdoor canvas artist’s easel was huge. Paint was flying everywhere. The artist was creating a portrait of a man by slinging colors against the canvas from two feet away. I was glued to his hands until I saw his feet.

2010__oat_trip_to_mideast-4235Desert Life.

JORDAN. The Arabian Desert Through Harold’s Lens: Life among the Nomads is very lonely and rough. This little girl was with her brother herding goats. All were in the middle of the desert. No other people or animals. No other signs of life.  Suddenly their goats wandered out into the middle of the only road through the desert. Traffic came to a halt from both directions. I jumped from my vehicle with my camera. Her brother took off after their goats. She stayed with me.

DSC_5621Beautiful Danger.

VIETNAM Through Harold’s Lens: My small vehicle came to a fast stop. Of course. A small herd of cows were suddenly crossing the lonely road through the rice fields. Rice pickers were everywhere. I spotted this beautiful woman, jumped from my vehicle and ran through the rice field to capture her. She was barefoot in the dirty water and thick mud. Not until later did I learn that rice attracts the rats. The rats attract the cobra snakes.

2009__Oceania_Sacandinavian_Splendors_Cruise-2061Soothing Sounds.

POLAND. Gdansk Through Harold’s Lens: The soothing sounds of the musical strings wound around the corner. I headed their way. In front of me on the sidewalk two young girls were playing beautiful classical music. The rich melodies were inside their soul. I quietly sat down and relaxed with them for almost an hour.

DSC_2955Joy Of A Child.

BURMA Through Harold’s Lens:  Just after crossing the border from Thailand into Burma, I discovered a school yard playground full of laughing, giggling children. Rich stuff for a photographer like me.

0902_South_America_002Next Morsel.

ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires Through Harold’s Lens: Ever so slowly he quietly crawled up the wall looking for his next delicious delicacy.

DSC_0035About the man behind the lens:

Harold M. Green Sr., Photographer

I love exploring different cultures of our world with my Nikon SLR camera. I try to bring back the overlaying rich textures of a different country’s lifestyle. To capture a moment in time as I float down a river, walk a mud-street village, hike a sand dune at sunrise, stroll up a jungle trail or cruise through the workshop of a regional craftsman, is a pleasure and a dream. It is a joy of mine to share these images with children and young students in hopes that my images will inspire a few of them to travel and explore in-depth other cultures of the world with an open mind.

I am a professional photographer with a host of Nikon digital SLR gear. I am retired and live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with my wife Rita. In my previous life I owned an advertising/public relations agency in Houston, Texas where I launched my 25-year career as the agency’s Creative Director. Upon retirement, in 1989, I moved full-time to the island of Martha’s Vineyard before moving to Mexico in 2001.

I was born in upstate New York in the small town of Auburn on the Finger Lakes. I attended The Northwood Preparatory School in Lake Placid, New York. After graduation I received a degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.
The inspiration for my love of photography came from my father, who was an amateur photographer. As a young child, I spent many hours in his darkroom helping him hang black & white prints with a clothes pin.

To see more of Harold’s impressive work, please visit his blog “Through Harold’s Lens”.

Thank you Harold for sharing your lovely work with us!


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  2. Thirdeyemom, I truly thank you for inviting me to participate on your wonderful and fascinating blog. I found it extremely pleasing to be asked to be a “photography guest” by a blogger who is doing her part to try to bring human rights and social good to the world.

    • Harold, thank you! Your photography is absolutely stunning and only what I could dream of doing someday! I would love to be able to capture people and the world like you do. Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to your future posts! :)Nicole

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