Changing Seasons Part III: The real thing

I don’t normally do three full posts on the weekly photo challenges, however, this week’s challenge, “Changing Seasons” is utterly happening right before my eyes.

An update….We finally are getting a wet, thick coating of snow! My how things have changed over the last two days. I’m going to try to get outside today and take pictures as it is truly spectacular!!!! Hoping to make it skiing or snowshoeing later on.

Check out how much things have changed over the last 36 hours here in Minneapolis, Minnesota….






IMG_4029 IMG_4031 IMG_4036
The above photos are of our street and my children’s birdhouses in the backyard.

Oh let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

Stay tuned…this week I’ll be very busy writing as I have some exciting posts coming up on Habitat for Humanity’s recent work in Haiti as well as a revisit back to the Greek Isles (hopefully I’ll get to cover Santorini!). In the meantime, time to go play and enjoy the snow! 🙂


  1. lolakojane

    Such beautiful photographs…makes me wish for snow! My 5 year old grandson Gabriel and I are looking at your photos, and he likes the snowy birdhouse photos, and we both like the thistle photo too!

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