Freshly pressed and a lot to be thankful for…

Sometimes life is full of surprises.

As bloggers, we work so hard and if you are like me pour countless hours of our heart and soul into our writing and photography without receiving a dime. Many times I get the “Mom, why are you always on the computer” question from my children. But they know me and understand that this is my outlet. This is my voice.

Getting Freshly Pressed is like a nice big pat on the back. Swarms of comments come in and oftentimes new followers subscribe. It takes days to go through everything and reply. So I thought I’d thank you all in advance while I’m going through the flood of emails. I will get back to each and every comment. I always do!

I find it interesting to do a breakdown of what posts out of my 620 have been Freshly Pressed:

Two posts on Guatemala: “The Green of Guatemala” and “The Color of Guatemala“. A post on Iceland “Lost in Iceland: A Day of Ice Trekking in Myrdalsjökull Glacier” and the other on Patagonia “Hike to Mount Fitz Roy”.

It is my sincere hope that someday one of my social good posts gets Freshly Pressed. Raising awareness on some of the major issues faced in travel destinations around the world is not only my duty as a world traveler, but my passion in life. I will not stop writing about the injustices I see. I will keep using my voice in hope to advocate change and to inspire. So WordPress….look out! Someday, just someday my voice on advocacy will be heard.

I also got my first travel piece published today on Huffington Post “How to Get to the End of the World”. I have been publishing lots of advocacy posts on there but never tried one on travel which is perhaps 90% of my blog. I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Finally, I’ve got my next volunteer trip booked. I am heading to La Ceiba, Honduras the second week of January to work with disadvantaged kids. I will be doing a full-immersion home stay like last year in Guatemala. I’ve never been to Honduras and know there will be a ton to learn. I look forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone again and embracing what life has to offer and giving a part of myself back. For isn’t that what life is all about?

I feel truly blessed this Thanksgiving. My book drive is up to 261 books to date and this “Giving Tuesday” November 27th I hope to fill up my car to the rim with gently used, highly loved children’s books and deliver them to their new home in North Minneapolis. I hope to inspire a brighter day.



  1. Congrats on the travel piece published in the HP! Great! I so want to make that trip! Still waiting for my piece on Haiti to be published. It’s supposed to be today. You’ll be the first to know. Thanks for inspiring me, Nicole! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend, to you and your lovely family!

    • Thanks Jo! Sometimes I get wiped out and need a few days off. But then I refresh my batteries and here I go! I wrote two letters to my Senators today and went to a roundtable yesterday for my congressman. Lots of budget cuts coming that will impact millions around the world. Got to stand up for them even if it is just little old me! 🙂

  2. Congrats!!!! You rule. I hope one of your social justice posts gets freshly pressed too. But either way, keep it up. It’s important. Thank you for your conscience and your voice.

    • Oh, thanks! I try. I know the social good posts are no where near as popular but I feel the best about writing them. Of course travel is much more fun to read about than people dying but I still think it is my obligation to share the good and the bad, right. 🙂

  3. TBM

    Congrats. And I hope you enjoy Honduras. I’m really curious to hear your thoughts and I’m excited to see your photos.

  4. Congratulations Nicole! I am very behind and missed this somehow. Every single one of your posts are FP material 🙂
    And good luck with the book drive and your future plans.

    • Oh Madhu! Always giving me such kind feedback! I’m behind too. Life has been busy here as it is now almost Thanksgiving and then the next few weeks gets crazy before Christmas. I already have 484 books! I can’t believe it! It will be fun to deliver them on Tuesday. 🙂

  5. Congratulations dear – well deserved recognition of your wonderful work – I’m sorry I missed it, but better late than never, I hope! What an adventure Honduras will be – look forward to dispatches from there next year.

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