If a picture paints a thousand words….

Every time I see this picture, I keep coming back to it. It resonates with me. The simple pure beauty of the countryside in Guatemala. The patterned quilt-like greenness fills me with warmth and paints a thousand words into my soul. The low-lying clouds almost iridescent and dreamlike.

This picture takes me back to my youth.

To being a child again.

The freedom of each and every day. The imagination that was unending. The excitement and anticipation for a sunny, beautiful summer day and what lay ahead.

The unexpected. The surprises. The good and the bad.

The freedom that slowly trickles away like a piece of driftwood out at sea.

The freedom I didn’t fully understand I had until I entered the real world and got my first job.

The longing to go back to a simpler life, with less stress and more focus on enjoying the little things in life that make me smile like….

The sunshine on my face.

The freshness of air inside my lungs.

The pumping of my heart when I run.

The joy at being young, happy and free.

Oh, to be free again!

This post is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words.


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