The Sunday Post: Wonderful

“Only count the sunny days” – Anonymous

Maybe it is due to the weather. The graying skies and the barren trees are making me feel a bit gloomy. I hate gray. I detest a day without the sun shining. Although I live in a cold climate, I find the warmer, grayer month of November to be deeply bland and moody.  Ironically enough December is usually beautiful. It may be colder but we generally have snow and sun, the perfect combination to lift one’s mood.

Call me crazy but winter in Minnesota can be fun and enjoyable. As long as you dress warmly, put on a smile and embrace it. There is nothing better than a bright sunny day after a fresh snowfall when the world outside is blanketed in brilliant, glistening wet snow. It is perhaps one of the most spectacular creations of winter. When the trees are laden with heavy, drippy, iridescent snow and the sun is melting it right before your eyes. For me, this is truly a wonderful time of year.

One thing that comes with snow is skiing. I love to ski and learned to ski when I was a tiny tot. As soon as we get the first snowfall, I’m itching to go out.  It won’t be long now until we get our first snow fall and I can hit the slopes. In the meantime, a little winter dreaming will brighten an otherwise downcast day.

A wonderful day in Taos, New Mexico – February 2011

A fresh coat of snow meant powder! It was time to take our skis off and hike up to the bowl. There she is….waiting.

We climb, climb and climb. The sun is so brilliant it hurts your eyes. The air is so fresh and pure. It is simply wonderful up here. The views from the top of the mountain are absolutely stunning. I feel elated. I feel alive. Life is good.

They even have a set of Nepali prayer flags on top for me and my dad to enjoy! Now is time for the ride down….

And of course it goes without saying…an apres-ski icy cold beer. Wonderful!

Soaking in the rays and enjoying life…

Then we pick up my daughter Sophia at the kiddy ski school and do a few three-generational runs. A great way to end a wonderful day!

Less than one month away until the ski hills open here…..I can hardly wait!

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  1. Sas

    Don’t show me these photos Nicole, they make me want to go skiing and I can’t! Mmm, maybe I’ll have to book a flight out to Austria when the snow comes …

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  3. great images and it looks like so much fun…I am unfortunately a hazard on anything that moves faster than 1 kilometre per hour…so no skis for me

    • Ha Ha! 🙂 Sorry I’m a bit behind on reading blogs these days. Family in town but I’ll catch up. Looks like you’ve been busy! And you have a new gravatar! 🙂

    • How is the weather in China these days? It is very gray here! Can’t wait for snow and sunnier December! Skating, sledding and snow shoeing are other favorites of mine! 🙂 I hope we get some good snow this year!

      • Today – it is polluted. Sometimes we have blue skies. Shanghai it’s crisp at night and nice (60s) during the day. Hope you get good snow as well.

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