A Spooky Night of Halloween Fun

Last night the kids and I had the quite the time Trick or Treating through our spooky neighborhood. The weather was unseasonably warm and there was a full moon which added to the mass of kids enjoying one of the funniest, strangest holidays of the year.

I’ve always loved Halloween and have so many wonderful memories of the Halloweens of my youth spent with my brother and sister. We would literally bring an empty pillowcase and walk for hours or at least that is what it felt like. In the eyes of a child, Halloween was an exciting, magical time of year surrounded solely on having fun. Dressing up in cool costumes, ringing the door bell in anticipation and even getting a few scares by some of our crazy neighbors was all part of the game.

As I got older, Halloween wasn’t as fun until I had children of my own and got to see the same excitement, anticipation and fun that I felt as a child. In a way, spending Halloween trick or treating with my children brought back a little bit of the child in myself. 🙂

Here are some highlights of our night….Hope you all enjoyed a fun Halloween!

Sophia and Max…Fairy and some character from Star Wars….

The day was off to a wild start as it was “Orange Day” at school. The kids couldn’t wear their costumes or celebrate Halloween (we had to be politically correct unfortunately meaning no celebration of “holidays”) but the children were still alive in excitement and anticipation for the day’s events.

I helped in my son’s afternoon Orange Day party where we made pumpkins and played games. By far the favorite activity was stuffing the “dead” hand with popcorn and candy. Pretty creepy looking indeed!

The plastic glove is stuffed with popcorn and “Dots” candies at the end to give the creepy effect….

My daughter’s Kindergarten class had more “cute” Halloween activities such as pin the broom on the witch and design your own pumpkin which was my station.

By the time 3:30 rolled around, the school was wild. The kids raced out the door and wanted to get home as soon as possible to start the festivities. First it was time to get costumes on.

I forgot to mention that Sophia got to wear her costume to ballet. Had to include this cute picture of her.

Max adding the finishing touches of the cobwebs in the garden.

Proudly displaying our “Trick or Treat” for UNICEF boxes.

Getting ready for the first guests who arrived at 5:30 PM!

Putting the pumpkin out (we had to wait until the last minutes because the squirrels love to eat them up).

Finally, Dad got home to man the door and candy giving. It was my turn to go around the neighborhood Trick or Treating with the kids. I could hardly wait!

The houses were all decorated with cool, creepy pumpkins. Some people made bonfires and sat out front to deliver their candy. Other people had ghoulish sounds playing and creepy steam spraying. It brought back so many memories of long ago. Some things never change!

I snapped some photos of my favorite pumpkins…

This one is extra toothy…

Wish I were this creative!

Then we made the mistake of going in the neighborhood Haunted House. It was the fifth annual year and there was so much hype about it. In a whim decision, I agreed that we could go in thinking that it must be for children, right?

Bad choice….

When we entered we were asked by a scary looking monster how many skulls we liked? One to Four? I said “Least scariest meaning One Skull”. I should have known that even one skull would freak out my son who is afraid of everything.

We followed through the misty fog and saw ghoulish things and scary sounds.

This mask freaked me out but I was more afraid by the “butcher cutting up fake body parts”. I made sure to steer my kids eyes away from that or the “scary babysitter”!

The further we got inside, the creepier it got. It was a little too odd for my taste and I was just hoping that my kids weren’t too afraid or else we would be up all night trying to get them to bed.

We continued on to a few more blocks as the weather was great and I was loving seeing all the pumpkins alive at night. The smell of smoke fire rose through the air and the moonlight sidewalks guided our way.

One of my friends in the neighborhood sat outside dressed as a witch by a bonfire sipping wine.

I loved all the fun decorations that brought the neighborhood to life.

Now this one is spooky!

Yet I loved the Peace Pumpkin! So great!

By 8:30 the kids were beat. It was time to go home and start winding them down. Meanwhile the doorbell kept ringing and ringing as the older kids started to come out. We had to have a least a hundred trick or treaters before we turned off all the lights.

It took another two hours to get my son to bed still scared from the haunted house. Better luck next year, I guess!



  1. Oh, Nicole, the kids look darling. I, myself, am afraid of haunted houses, horror movies, and the like. I must scare easily or something. Hope Max got some sleep. Some pretty cool jack-o-lanterns! Happy day after. Guess that makes it All Hallows.

  2. Amy

    Sophia and Max are good looking kids! Love their smiles. Enjoy the photos of the fun Halloween decorations. Thank you so much for sharing, Nicole!

  3. Sophia’s costume is so gorgeous. 🙂 That haunted house would have had me really scared too. I love the pumpkins, and the dead hand is really creepy. I never saw anything like that before. Poor Max, I’m not surprised it took him a while to get to sleep. No haunted house next year, I guess. 🙂 Those UNICEF trick or treat boxes are a brilliant idea for raising funds. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! We raised $40 that night which was wonderful! We had a lot of fun too and it made me proud that my kids were equally as excited for UNICEF as they were for the candy! We’ll have to do it again next year….

  4. I long for a neighborhood like yours! Growing up we couldn’t trick or treat (yucky neighborhood) and then when we bought our house, I was so excited for trick or treaters…. but they never came. The road has no sidewalks and is really dark. So glad you had a fun Halloween with the kids, minus the haunted house!

    • Thanks! It is cold here but a great place to live! I love minneapolis! We are only four short blocks to the chain of lakes which are plowed year round and a bunch of fun!!! A great place to live! 🙂

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