Perhaps one of the reasons why I love to travel so much is that everything is new and foreign. When I saw this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, I realized that most of what I write about could fit under this theme. As long as you travel and experience the world with a “third-eye” (meaning an open-eyed approach) then you are bound to see something new, delightful and foreign all the time.

It was difficult to choose exactly which photos to highlight for this photo challenge, so I picked a handful of my favorites which truly represent foreign to me.  Here they are…

Beijing, China: Live scorpions for sale to eat.

Shanghai, China: Traveling food bicycle.

Shanghai, China: Packages and goods are transported in the most unusual ways such as these wrapped gifts on the back of a bicycle.

Kathmandu, Nepal: Perhaps the most colorful, elaborate public buses in the world.

Beijing, China: Taxi in a tin box?

Rabat, Morocco: Stop sign in Arabic

Antigua, Guatemala’s infamous Chicken Bus.

Along the Annapurna trail in Himalayan Nepal, mule train hang-out outside our “hotel” room.

Receiving beautiful, traditional Henna in Rabat, Morocco.

Washing clothes in the local “laundromat” in Antigua, Guatemala.

Chinese “taxis”.

Washed out roads in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, making traffic unbearable and dangerous.

Local markets outside churches in Antigua, Guatemala.

Elaborately painted Nepalese “taxis” in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Belly-dancing outfits for sale at the local souq in Rabat, Morocco.

Skinned chickens including feet, in rural China.

Only in France! Will you stop at a Patisserie for fresh french baguette and strap it on your backpack before a hike.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s photo challenge! To see more entries, click here.


    • That is so incredibly true! That is why I love to travel and “don’t do normal!” (My dad actually has a button that says this and he used to wear it upside down when I was a kid). 🙂

  1. Great photos! Love the tin box taxi and the baguette 🙂 In South Africa, on the local food scene, those chicken feet are called “scratchies” and sheeps’ heads are called “smilies” …

    • Wait a minute…sheep’s heads?!!!! I think I’d freak out if I saw that! Funny how these things are “foreign” to us but so normal to others. I can only imagine what people think are foreign in the US! Probably a lot of things!!!!

  2. I love the photo of the baguette! It gives me something to strive for! The chicken feet is too much of a daily occurrence now to feel so foreign, but still gives me a slight shiver. 🙂

    • Ha Ha. There are so many unusual things I saw in China. I guess you are right, it isn’t foreign any more to you, but to my eyes I had a great time being amazed and surprised by what I saw. A fascinating place! 🙂

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  5. Seeing this makes me want to travel again, everything is so colorful!
    Did you try the scorpion and seahorses? Just like crisps right 🙂

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  8. Wow!! Incredible pics! I LOVED the Moroccan belly dancing dresses! I would be hard-pressed to choose just ONE! Thanks for sharing your travels! (I live an hour north of Mpls, BTW – in Scandia, MN.)

      • I’m not sure I can sum up my blog in a concise manner! I find that I learn most of my life lessons in the everyday through my KIDS, so quite often it is through THEM that I find my writing inspiration. I also hold two black belts (Tang Soo Do and Soo Bahk Do) and am passionate about the martial arts/associated philosophy, so pull inspiration from that as well.

        If you’re interested in stopping by and checking me out, I’d recommend reading these five entries first (in order of what I feel to be my best writing):
        Thinking Outside the (Crayon) Box
        I’m Normal. What Are You?
        Cognitive Recalabration
        It CAN Always Get Worse
        If For Only a Moment

        Have a great Tuesday!! =)

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  11. those are fun! I saw all the chinese ones and thought, what’s so unusual about that?!!!! I just returned from Cambodia and had an enlarged view of the world. Where “family” was nearly eradicated and is still struggling to get reestablished.

    • That is funny as my other blogger friend living in China said the same thing! You get used to what seems so different after living there, right? Coming home makes things at home seem foreign too. Funny how that is. I saw you have a post on Cambodia and I look forward to reading it soon (playing catch up now) as it is a place I would love to visit.

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