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This week’s Travel Theme by Where’s My Backpack is “On Display”. I had taken these fun pictures a few weeks ago when I visited Minneapolis’ colorful Global Market in Midtown to listen to Chris Guillebeau present his New York Times Bestseller “$100 Startup”.

I had heard about the book and Chris’ famous “World Domination Summit” in Portland, Oregon from a fellow blogger who told me that if there was one conference that would ever change your life, this was it. The conference is held once a year and tickets literally sell out in under ten minutes flat.

The premise of the book is these words:

“Imagine a life where all your time is spent on things you want to do”.

Sounds like a dream job right? Well, per Chris it is not. It is completely possible and you don’t need big money or backing from Wall Street to do so. You just need an idea of something that will provide value and that people are willing to buy.  I purchased the book and had it signed by Chris but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. It lays on my shelf with the other 20 or so books in the queue. But I will read it as it sounds like a fascinating look at what you can do.

On another interesting note, Chris is an avid traveler and has been to almost every country in the world! Given his passion for traveling, it was fitting that he held his book signing at Midtown’s Global Market in Minneapolis.

The Global Market is located in the heart of Minneapolis’ cultural diversity and features a wide variety of ethnic groceries, restaurants, jewelry shops, flowers and imported handicrafts.  It seemed like the perfect place for me to spend an evening dreaming I was somewhere else, traveling around the world.

In honor of this week’s travel theme, I thought I’d arrange my photos of the World Market in a gallery format of all the fantastic displays of world food and culture I saw. If only I didn’t have the stomach flu that night, I would have been able to fully indulge in a global food fest. Oh well….knowing me, I’ll be back soon when I get the urge to travel without leaving Minneapolis.

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    • I am dying laughing and should have explained in my blog post today but I was in a hurry trying to get it down. A few Minnesota bloggers understood as it is a MN thing! We have lots of Swedes heritage here and people jokingly say the word “Uffda” which is an expression that means like “wow” or something like that. Have you ever seen the movie “Fargo”? We have lots of funny Minnesotan things here like “You Betcha” and other funny things and we often get teased for our accents here!

      • Every place has these types of things…but Uffda seemed well unusual to me…hehehe
        I am going to use it EVERYWHERE from now on. I shall be the Uffda lady

      • thirdeyemom

        Uaaaahhhhh-ffff-tah….now you will fit right in here in Minnesota! We are a funny breed! 🙂

  1. Tom

    Nice! I’ve been meaning to check out the Midtown market. Now that I know there are lefse chips it’s definitely a priority.

    • thirdeyemom

      Great! You can even ride your bikes there on the midway, park them and go in for ethnic food! I’ve wanted to do that for so long but never got around to it. Next summer….!

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