Reflections on the end of summer

Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.
-Albert Einstein

The sailboats of Lake Harriet on a fine Spring Day.

For me, Labor Day marks the end of summer. Although the children have already been in school for a week, growing up we always started the day after Labor Day. The warm, long and sunny days of August slowly come to a close and the cool, breezy, crisp days of fall often begin. It a change that I adore as I love the seasons of nature as they often reflect the changing seasons of my life.

This year will be different than the last as next year will be different again. After eight years as a stay-at-home mom spending most of my time raising two young children, I finally have some more time for myself each day. I have time to run, play, write, think and make change. I look forward to this fall and the changes it will bring. As the leaves turn from old dry green to brilliant yellow, orange and scarlet red, I’ll be heading off to New York City again to attend the United Nations Summit on Social Good. There, I will listen to some of the most influential people in the world talk about their hopes and dreams for making the world a better place. I will have laptop in hand and eagerness in my heart to document this event and promote the work that is making a difference in this world. I can hardly wait.

I know most of my readers have followed me over the months for my travel stories yet I’m hoping you’ll continue to follow me along this path of “travelanthropy” as I call it. I strongly believe as travelers, we cannot turn a closed eye to the people who live in the countries we are visiting. We cannot ignore the struggles and challenges many of these people have to face every single day of their life in order to survive. I hope to share more of their stories.

You may scratch your head and wonder, “hmmmm….what do the French Alps have to do with this whole mission?“. I admit that hiking the Tour de la Vanoise wasn’t in this category of “eye-opening, life-changing” experience. Not like Morocco, Guatemala or Nepal was. But as a die-hard traveler, you still have to have fun and share your experiences. If you stay with me, I’m hoping you’ll do both! Travel the world and learn some things about social good (poverty, human rights, global health, education and the rest) all in one place.

I sure intend to enjoy the ride! Come along and enjoy it with me! 🙂 thirdeyemom

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    • You’ll get there! I love my kids but the early years were very hard. I truly lost myself for a bit but now I’m coming back out and it feels great. Stick with it. Before you know it they will be off to school and you’ll be missing their smiles and cries!

  1. I’m staying. That’s for sure. I love the challenges you take on. Also love that gushing header and the sailboats. Let’s face it- what’s not to like on here?

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  3. I’m so excited to be reading something from you that I could have written myself. I needed to see that I wasn’t alone in this idea, that there’s got to be more than “just me” and our travels. I cannot wait to see what you have planned for this year.

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