Any time of year Lake Harriet is splendid

As I prepare to leave home once again and fly off far away, I start to get that little feeling of sadness. For as much as I love to travel, there is no place like home.

Besides my wonderful family, one of my most favorite things about home is my lovely lake which I always like to write about and photograph. Lake Harriet is located a short few blocks from my house in Southwest Minneapolis and I try to embrace each and every season by spending it at this lake.

For it can be enjoyed year-round and embraced in every variance of the weather. I go there to think, to aspire, to dream and to release. It continually amazes me how such a beautiful place so full of nature can be in the midst of a urban city. I treasure this lake with all my heart and hope it continues to inspire others along the way.

Here are some of my favorite shots of splendid Lake Harriet.

During the rebirth of spring, the leaves shine in brilliant virgin green colors that reflect off the water.

Dost thou love life?
Then do not squander time,
for that is the stuff life is made of.
-Benjamin Franklin

In the heart of summer, sailboats line the horizon while powder puff clouds reflect across the lake.

If we are lucky in September and October the leaves delight us in hues of pumpkin oranges, golds, scarlet reds and browns.

And throughout the winter, the sensational whiteness of snow sparkles in the sun as we watch the ice grow and form across the lake.

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    • Thanks! Yes it does get very cold here in the winter and very hot in the summer. Since I’m a born and bred midwestern gal, I’m used to it. I’ve embraced it by skiing, snowshoeing and building snow forts with the kids. Its the only way you can survive it! 🙂

    • Thanks Meghan! Me too….just got to get over a miserable cold. It is always hard to leave as a mom. When I didn’t have kids, I could hardly wait but there is always this feeling of regret. But I know it is so important for me and the kids to spend time away. I also want them to know there is a huge world out there and that America, or even more so, Minnesota is not it! 🙂

  1. Splendid, yes … And splendid, roo, that this piece of wilderness has been left for the enjoyment of everyone, in the middle of a great city. Bon voyage – climbing with your Dad this week? How splendid that will be. 🙂

    • Thanks! I just hope I get over my terrible cold. I have been in laying around all week while the kids have entertained themselves in front of the tv with movies. Oh well. What can you do? I feel like a bad mom but when no one else is around to help, I’ve got to do my best ! 🙂

  2. Wonderful photos! You make me want to go visit MN!
    It was a pleasure meeting you at Blogher this past week you have inspired me in so many ways!
    Safe travels and keep taking photos, you’re good 🙂

    • Hi Gloria! I am so behind at following up as I’ve been sick since I’ve been back. I’ve written my posts but haven’t touched my pile of business cards yet. It really was a pleasure to meet you! I am inspired by you!!!! Keep up the good work. Being a mom is very hard and I can only imagine what perseverance you have to have done it at such a young age and feel committed to helping other young moms. Wow. Keep in touch! 🙂 Nicole

      • Oh no! i hope you are feeling better! You are too kind 🙂
        Thank you so much for your encouraging words!
        I will DEFINITELY keep in touch!

      • I’ll be ok. See Gloria, that;s what happens when your 40 and a mom of two young kids! You have one enormous advantage….your youth! I know you will go far! I remember spotting you at the conference and noticing your pose and beauty. You stood out. You will go far Gloria, I am sure! 🙂 Nicole

    • Why thank you! It does have extreme temperatures here but I really have grown to love it. I guess that is why you call it home but then again, I am a wanderer! 🙂

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