On the road again: Off to the Big Apple!

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Today I’m off to NYC for the weekend to attend BlogHer ’12, a blogging conference with thousands of woman around the world. I can hardly wait! Not only am I excited about meeting fellow blogger pals in person, I also can’t wait to learn about new techniques in social media, blogging, writing, and using your blog for advocacy.  Hopefully it will all pay off!

Unfortunately I won’t have much time to ramble around New York City as the conference will be pretty jam-packed with presentations and parties (yes, parties and lots of them! I guess those blogging ladies like to have fun!). I am really looking forward to meeting up with fellow blogger and friend, Jennifer Burden, founder of World Mom’s Blog who has been an amazing influence in my life as a blogger and social good advocate. Jen just launched our new site (I am a writer and editor for human rights and social good on WMB) yesterday which is gorgeous so in case you are interested, check it out!

Oh how I wish I had time to explore you, New York City! Or at least snap some pictures but I’ll be mostly indoors hoping to learn new ways to make my blog better! 🙂
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I will most likely be off the radar for the next few days while I’m in NYC and will report back on Sunday when I return, dead tired at home. Our family has a crazy couple of weeks.  My husband leaves the next morning for California for a week and lands at the airport a few hours before I leave for France. My dad and I are doing another hiking trip this time La Tour de Vanoise in the french alps. I’ve tried my best to keep in good shape this summer by running and biking constantly but the last few weeks of travel have killed me and I only hope that I can keep up with my 69-year-old dad on the trail! He is an inspiration to us all!

After I return only a week remains until school starts up again for my two children. Just like that, summer is over in a flash. It is a bittersweet feeling in many ways. First because I love summer and I felt like this summer has been a bit too crazy for me. Not enough time to stop and smell the roses. Second, because my little girl is going to Kindergarten. Where on earth the time has gone, I do not know. Having children definitely puts your life and its pace in perspective. It goes faster each and every year so I need to make sure I embrace my time with them as young children, despite the fatigue and work, and enjoy it.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks. My posts may be scattered, especially when I’m in France and have no computer. But you know I’ll be back with more stories, photos and inspiration (I hope!) to share.

Stay tuned….


  1. Oh New York City, I do miss you. I hope you have a fantastic experience at the conference, Nicole, and that you can share some of the knowledge when you return! 😉

    As for the rest of your summer plans, I hope you have been stocking up on sleep while you can! It sounds like you have a ton of exciting things coming up, and I can’t wait to hear more about them (especially the French Alps!).

    • Thanks Meghan! Of course I will share! Need to write a post or two about tips I learned. I bet you miss it here but where you are sounds better!:)

    • Oh Kendra! it was fun yet overwhelming. I got to room with Jen Burden which was wonderful. She is so much fun, kind and inspirational. I also met some fellow bloggers from Canada but not many travel ones. More info to come!!

    • Thanks! It was pretty crazy. Over 5000 bloggers and 90% women! I now need to digest everything I learned. It was quite overwhelming but I am very glad I went.

  2. sas

    I am so jealous! I love New York! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences meeting the other bloggers. And you’re coming over to our side of the pond too! I hope the weather holds out for you, it’s been a bit hit and miss here in Europe this summer.

    • It was a great time but very exhausting! There were 5000 bloggers there!!! Not too much time for sightseeing but I did have a few fun nights out. Yes NYC is quite an amazing place. I will have to come back sometime just to play!

  3. Sounds like a fun conference…have a great time learning and connecting! I visited World Mom’s Blog and it is looking great — I will visit again and look forward to seeing it grow, as well. And yes, definitely, this summer went by in a flash.

    • Wow cool! I didn’t get a chance to see her! Isn’t NYC amazing? I wish I had more time here but the conference took up most of it. I did make it to the top of the “Rock” today for an unbelievable view of the skyline. Hopeyour trip here has been wonderful!

    • Thanks! It was crazy but I’m hoping I learned some new tips which of course I will share with my readers. I wonder if there are conferences in Europe. I would think there must be. Now Sardinia would be a whole mother thing!!! Wonderful!

    • Wow cool! What part of NY do you live in? It is such an amazing vibrant place. Unlike anything else. The blogging conference was absolutely crazy. Almost 5000 bloggers!!! I didn’t get much time out of the Hilton in midtown but did have some fun nights and today took off for a few touristy things… That is the blogger in me! Stay tuned!

      • I live in the suburbs a short drive away but lived in NYC for many years and attended college and Grad school there. 🙂

    • Thanks! Its been a very busy month and the kids are missing me. I am excited yet will be happy to be home for a bit this fall after all these trips!

    • Wow that is cool! Conference was a bit crazy as there were 5,000 bloggers there and almost all women! It was very overwhelming but I think I did learn some new things and I sure met a ton of people.

      • That’s great! I’m jealous – I think I could use some more tips on how to make my blog more relevant. Perhaps you’ll post about it?

  4. Wow! You are doing so many fun things that are also meaningful. I love it! Hope the conference is good and you’ll share a tad of what you learn with all of us. Can’t wait to see the French Alp trip and you expressed my sentiments exactly about loving summer and it flying by with children!

    • Yes it has been very busy indeed! Perhaps a little too busy but it is just how things worked out. I learned a ton and it will take a bit to digest it all. Scary how fast the summer has gone!

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