The Sunday Post: Silence

Jakesprinter’s Sunday post theme is silence. I found this to be a fascinating theme as there are many creative ways you can render the image of silence. For me, it always involves nature and usually involves mountains. However, for this week’s photo challenge I chose another image from mother nature that brings silence to my mind and soul: Sunset. 

As another busy day is ending, there is nothing more magical, calming and relaxing than a beautiful sunset. Over the last week of vacation at a cottage on lovely, tranquil Roy Lake I got plenty of gorgeous sunsets. However, mother nature surely saved the best for last.  It was mesmerizing and I sat out on our porch overlooking the water taking picture after picture of such a beautiful display of beauty and nature. For what else could bring more silence to your soul than watching a spectacular sunset?


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    • Thanks! My sister and her kids are visiting us so it is wonderful expect for the fact that my nephew fell in the bathtub and had to go to the ER for 8 stitches! LOL!

    • Yes, beautiful isn’t it?! Brought silence to the mind. Funny how life is so crazy and you really need to get away from it all to thoroughly relax. I wish I could find this kind of silence in my life here yet I thrive on being busy and always moving. 🙂 I have a tremendous amount of energy but even I need to get some silence in my soul.

    • Thanks Madhu! I know I probably put way too many pics in the post but I just couldn’t edit. I wanted it to feel like you were sitting there watching the sun set!

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