Night at a Chinese Street Market

This post is in response to Ailsa at Where’s my backpack’s weekly travel theme: Night. While staying in Beijing, I could not get over the buzz of activity at all hours of the night. I was particularly fond of the street food markets located directly across the street from our hotel. They would begin setting up a little after dusk and by nightfall, the street market was bursting with activity and crowds ogling and smiling at the diverse offerings. I didn’t try anything as I wasn’t very fond of Chinese food yet I did enjoy capturing the street market on film.

Sorry no thanks…I’ve already lost my appetite after I saw the live scorpions on a stick. I’ll pass….

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    • Good thing I’m not the only one who thinks it is crazy and disgusting. Especially the sea horses which I adore. How could you ever eat them? They are so cute!

  1. That’s a great market – though I don’t think I’ll ever eat scorpions either! I’ll save that for Andrew Zimmern on the Food Network.

  2. Haven’t run across those in Shanghai, but where we live is more western. I know it is out there. I am afraid to eat some things sometimes because how can I ask “what is in this?” I am afraid I may end up eating dog, chicken chow meow or something, so we stick to the western restaurants and avoid the street vendors. We know a few people who got really sick (like doctor visit sick) from street meat and avoid it. Nice shots.

    • That is true. I’ll be honest that I hated the food in Beijing. We even wound up having Pizza Hut which I NEVER do when traveling. I just couldn’t handle it. I love every kind of ethnic food except food from there. I did find some Chinese in Beijing that I liked though. I’m very careful with what I eat and never eat street food since I’ve had two parasites and have been very sick.

      • I love the sweet and sour and learned how to make it at a cooking class. I like dumplings but seeing them made kinda turned me off. Sometimes though I just have to eat it and not think about it. So many areas of China have different foods, flavours and tastes. I find a lot of it greasy which can’t be healthy.

  3. I honestly kind of think they put random insects/gross things on sticks there and just laugh at the tourists who eat them. I didn’t see scorpions anywhere else in China besides the Beijing night street market (tourist trap!:-). Anyway, I tried scorpion, silk worm, snake, grubs and sea horses. I refrained from eating tarantula and cockroach! hehe

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