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Ailsa over at Where’s my backpack’s weekly travel theme is parks.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect theme. If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I am an avid hiker and find myself at peace in parks.  I have been to many beautiful parks in my life, however, there are a few that have stayed in my heart and soul forever.  Places of such eternal, everlasting beauty that I will never forget them.

Here is a look at my favorite parks….

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

My all time favorite park, Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.

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Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Patagonian Lakes District, Argentina. 

So peaceful and serene.

Part of many interlocking lakes in the Patagonian Lakes District of Argentina.

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Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. 

Climbing up on the Cerro hike.

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Perito Moreno National Park, Argentina. 

Feeling small while looking at one of the largest glaciers in Argentina.

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Skaftafell National Park, Iceland. 

Looking out my window on the morning of our hike into the wild.

On top of the world in Iceland!

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I will return again to my beloved mountains this August when my dad and I do our yearly trekking trip.  This time, we will be hiking the French Alps and I can hardly wait! Time to practice that rusty french of mine! 

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Stay tuned…I’m headed back to my North Shore posts.  


  1. Beautiful pictures Nicole! Iceland, Argentina and Chile are all high up on my wishlist. Funnily enough, my mom shares your passion for hiking – you two seem to have the same tastes when it comes to lakes and snow-capped mountains!

    • Cool! Has your mom done a lot of hikes? Have you ever hiked with her? I hope to take my kids someday when they get a little older. Love it! And, yes South America should be a big wish destination as it is amazing. you would probably need a big chunk of time to do it right.

      • My mom does hike quite a bit – but not nearly as much as you do on your overseas travels! There was a time when she amassed a collection of hiking and mountaineering books as she dreamed of trekking New Zealand and seeing Mt. Everest from Base Camp!

        We used to hike a lot as a family growing up, and next year we’re planning a mother-and-son trip to trek through parts of Southern France and Northern Spain, along the Camino de Santiago.

  2. Gorgeous pictures Nicole! We missed going here because of volcanic ash that got blown up from the ground in Chile all the way to Buenos Aires!!

  3. OMG–the photo of the Cerro hike is incredible, Nicole! And you’re right–great idea to do a series on parks.

    I hate to have missed a week’s worth of your posts. I know I will never catch up, but I’m back in the blogosphere this week. Missed you, my friend!


    • No worries Kathy! I’m always behind. It is tough. But I keep them all in my INBOX and try to scroll through them when I can, even if I’m at the park while my kids are digging in the sand. I love it! 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes we have done trips together since I’ve been married so for over 12 years now! It is really wonderful. He does one with each of us kids. I have a brother and sister. Yet they are not as adventurous as I. They will do Europe but not Nepal and India! Our next trip is a hike in the French Alps this August. I was a french major in college and spent a year living there. It was 20 years ago yet I still love France and have special feelings to it. 🙂

  4. Good grief, Nicole, you have hiked in some of the most spectacular countryside ever. Simply gorgeous photos – and I can see why Torres del Paine National Park holds a special place in your heart.

    • Yes me too! I would have included Nepal but wasn’t sure if the Annapurna was a National Park or not. By far, still my favorite big park! I hope to go back!

    • Thanks! These are taken over the last ten years. I didn’t have a good camera and mine still isn’t great. yet I was able to process them again in Snapseed after they were scanned. Imagine what they would look like with a good camera today! 🙂

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