Picture the World – Guatemala

Think of Guatemala and instantly you think of a land surrounded by volcanoes and a rich, colorful Mayan culture dressed in a tapestry of brilliant colors. The landscape is dramatic and diverse ranging from the low laying areas of Guatemala City to the hot, sandy beaches along the coast to the highlands surrounded by volcanoes.

When I close my eyes and picture Guatemala I see her lush, fertile brilliant green countryside.  A place where crops are grown up the steep, fertile sides of volcanoes like pictured above.  A world so mystical and so beautiful yet lurking in danger of natural disasters. I wouldn’t want to be farming here if the volcano decided to erupt.

Thank you James at Plus Ultra for passing me the honor to participate in “Picture the World”.  I am nominating two bloggers whose pictures of the world have continued to inspire me each and every day.  The Wanderlust Gene and A Word in your Ear.  Thank you ladies for continually inspiring me with your beautiful travel blogs! 

You don’t need to be nominated to take part in the project – visit this site to make a contribution and get the ball rolling.


  1. Fantastic choice, Nicole – somehow I just knew that this photo would be a contender! Those clouds give it such a mystical air.

  2. Nicole, congratulations on such an evocative rendition of your chosen destination:) That you think I could do likewise for my adopted home is flattering beyond wonderful. Thank you. What an inspiring and exciting project. I’ll do my best to live up to the lavish praise you’ve heaped on me … 🙂

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