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Ailsa over at Where’s my Backpack did it again this week with a tricky travel theme: Secret Places.  Of course there was one place that came immediately into my mind: The infamous lost city of Machu Picchu which was hidden for well over 600 years and has an amazing history of being a secret, magical place.

Back in 2001, my dad and I hiked the strenuous Inca Trail which took a little over three days trekking some of the same roads the Inca’s did to this magical, secret place. Getting there was have the fun and excitement and when we finally saw it, at a little past dawn, and were blown away in all her splendor. To imagine such a place being a hidden secret for so many years just amazes me beyond belief. 

First site of Machu Picchu from above.

First site of Machu Picchu from the Inca Trail. Imagine what it would have been like to stumble upon this hidden place hundreds of years ago?

As the clouds come in. Wow, this place is magical.

Truly spectacular.

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Stay tuned…I’m heading back to my North Shore of Lake Superior series with some gorgeous pictures from our trip there.  Can’t wait to share! 


  1. Wow – just gorgeous. My folks went to Peru in the 1970s and it’s been one of the places that is on my list but I haven’t made it to South America yet. So many places to see – and nice that it was a trip with your dad and posted on Father’s Day too.

    • Wow, I wonder what it was like in 1970? Probably awesome and not overrun yet with tourists! I love South America! I would love to see more of it but am really interested in Bolivia hiking someday! Such a big world and so many places to see!

  2. How spectacular, Nicole. I think it’s just brilliant that you and your dad did the Inca Trail together, what incredible memories you two must share! Love it.

  3. Indeed the lost city of Machu Picchu is magical. What an amazing history, culture and a story everyone should know.Amazing mountains and landscape. I felt like heaven seems so close. Thank you. Happy Father’s Day to your husband.

  4. I am attracted to the name of your site because of the word Eye. I am familiar with the Third Eye. To add to the attraction is the prayer flag, blowing in the wind. As I travelled in your timeline, here I am in Manchu Picchu, Beautiful site. This place is in my bucket list. Namaste.

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