The Weekly Photo Challenge: Close (take 2)

I couldn’t resist putting in another entry for this week’s photo challenge, close. It is such a fun topic and I was able to rework some old pictures that truly demonstrate close.

The highlight of a 2005 trip to South Africa included a three-day safari in Tanda Tula Private Reserve near Kruger National Park. I had never been on a safari before and had no idea what to expect. We didn’t get the front row of the land rover but were seated in back so many photos captured annoying unknown heads in them. But I opted to leave them in the photo and not crop them in order to show you how truly close we got to the wild.  Hope you enjoy!

See the head and the hand holding the camera?  Annoying yet close, right!  What about the tracker at the head of the land rover? 

Look out! Elephant approaching!

When we encountered the first elephant above we knew we were in for an amazing experience. If there is one, there is more. The herd of 20-30 elephants were not far behind and boy did they get close to our vehicle!

We were told that the elephants wouldn’t be bothered or come at the vehicle as long as we stood completely still, did not stand and were calm. Then they would see us as one large, unthreatening mass. Thank goodness all the “heads” did as we were told!

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    • Knowing you Lucy, I am certain you will! I dream of bringing my children there someday. I know it would be very expensive though. Oh well…maybe someday, right! 🙂

    • Oh but to see the animals in the wild is so unbelievable. They are so happy and free too. You would love S. Africa for its culture and diversity. A truly beautiful place. I loved it and hope to go back someday.

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  2. Loved looking at these close shots of elephants. They really are large animals and it must have been a bit scary to be so close to them.

    • He He….yep I had to do it. Aren’t elephants amazing? I would love to see them in Thailand someday. This reserve was amazing as they were doing lots of work to protect the elephants. So majestic and so incredibly beautiful especially the babies. I dream of doing a long safari someday with my kids. But it would take a lot of money I think. Traveling has become so expensive especially for a family of four!

  3. Seems like a close call Nicole! We have come across plenty of (Indian) elephants in the wild when we lived on tea plantations, but we never carried our cameras with us those days!! That image of the baby hugging the mothers leg is precious!

  4. Wow, it must be very intense! Two weeks ago I went to Sri Lanka and saw a wild elephant crossing the intercity road. All cars had to stop until the elephant completely crossed the road. It was fun and intense at the same time, but that Asian elephant is no match to his African cousins!

    • Yes indeed! It was something else especially given the elephants ears were out meaning he/she felt threatened! We just sat motionless trying to remember that Mr.elephant saw us as a big mass. Crazy!

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