Weekly Image of Life: Happiness

One of the first blogs I started following, this man’s journey, whose beautiful blog always inspires me each and every week, began a new series of photo challenges this week called  the “Weekly Image of Life“.  I adore photo challenges because they get you to truly think out of the box and dig back through your memories and archives of photos and stories you’ve experienced along the journey of life.  This week’s Image of Life topic is happiness.

Here is a happy photo of me taken recently in Antigua, Guatemala doing what I love best: Traveling and seeing the world. I tried to smile but couldn’t contain my joy and excitement. This captures the spirit of happiness for me!
Photo credit: Lucy Brown, Loca4Motion.

I found the topic to be a wonderful start of this new series because as we all know, you can have everything in the world but without happiness or joy, you have nothing.  Isn’t happiness what life is all about?  You could have all the riches in the world but without happiness, your life is empty and joyless.

There are many things in life that make me happy.  I feel truly blessed that way. I love the outdoors, traveling, hiking, running, feeling the sun warm my skin, reading a good book, eating a delicious meal, drinking a glass of wine, playing the piano, listening to music, playing with my children, spending time with my husband, learning new skills, and the list goes all.  Yes of course there are times when I don’t feel happy or life gets me down, yet I use the things in life I love to bring me back to a good happy place and thankfully it always works.

By far, the biggest thing of all that brings happiness to my life is my family. Thus I have opted to showcase of few photos that reflect the happiness, joy and love of being outdoors, together and simply having fun enjoying our lives.  Here they are…

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  1. I love this post. Just like you, my family brings me happiness that no amount of material thing can compare. I may have a few pennies in my pockets but when I’m around them, I feel like the richest man out there. You have a beautiful, loving and wonderful family that supports your dreams and make you glow like sunshine. Your smiles shows it all. Happiness is in your hearts. Thanks for sharing these amazing images and words that celebrate life in the most joyful way.

    • Thanks! I love that you started this series, too. We are very lucky, both of us, to have a wonderful, loving family. I feel so blessed.

    • Me too! However, now that school is out for the summer there has been a bit more sibling fighting! It is a big adjustment for me as my entire schedule has shifted. But we are having fun! 🙂

  2. Oh Nicole, I adore that photo of you. You are beaming, glowing, completely joyous! And what a blessing that you have so many sources of happiness in your life. As always, your children are such dolls! 🙂

    • Thanks Meghan! I like that one too! Not many I like anymore…ha ha. Hard to hit 40 but the photos of me when I’m truly happy are the best of all! I’m also fortunate that my kids are such great smilers! I always smile and perhaps it wears off on them. 🙂 N

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