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Ailsa over at Where’s my Backpack launched a new travel theme for the week in honor of World Ocean’s Day on June 8th. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ve probably guessed that I would much rather be hiking somewhere in the mountains rather than sitting aimlessly on a beach. That is not to say that I haven’t been to some amazing beaches in my life, in particular along the Greek Isles, Hawaii, Bermuda, the Virgin Islands and Mexico.  Yet these trips were all years ago, long before the advent of the digital camera and quite frankly I haven’t done a real beach vacation in ages! Maybe I’m due?

The last time I was anywhere near the ocean was in April 2011 when I was volunteering for a week in Morocco.  I looked over these photos again and perhaps they are not what you often think of as the ocean in all her splendor yet I did find these photos interesting in a more cultural way. Here is a look at the beach and the ocean along the shores of Rabat, Morocco. Notice you won’t be seeing any scantily-clad women in bikinis.  Nope, instead you will see mostly men who are lucky enough to be able to wear a swimsuit and women dressed in full length attire.

I wanted desperately to go lay on the beach and let the wind blow through my hair and tickle my skin. To feel the freedom of the sun warming me gently and listen to the waves rock me to sleep. But being a single, American woman it was not advised. The last female volunteer who had done so was heckled so terribly she only lasted ten minutes.  Oh well.  When in Rome, right?  The cultural differences we take for granted and learn to accept. 

Here is a look at the ocean along the main beach in Rabat, Morocco….

The beach hut where you could buy freshly cut fries but no booze, of course.

The guys surfing.

The look from above of the sandy white beach and blue green ocean. I took a deep breath, after already dealing with multiple assaults by very young men. Then walked down to the beach with my eyes behind glasses and hair pulled back beneath a dark hat. Still not enough…

Couples out at the beach. Notice the beach wear is quite different than you would see in Hawaii. No swimsuits or bikinis! The men towards the water are playing. sports. Oh how I longed for a swim!

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    • That is a good point Kathy! I do love that part of beaches. Walking, hearing the waves, smelling the salt. I spent a lot of time in my youth laying in the sun on the beach so I think that is why now at 40 I avoid it. But I dream of doing a trip to the beaches of Thailand and other Asian countries! Ahhh….if only it wasn’t so far and I had the money and time! Right?!

  1. I had a little touch of that feeling and heckling when we went to the beach in India in the southern part. I was fully dressed but the only woman on the entire beach, along with my sister. You start to feel like you shouldn’t be there! Beach vacations though are some of my favorite – maybe you should plan one soon!

    • Yes, it truly makes you appreciate what we have at home in terms of rights. I know things are not perfect for women in the States but at least for the most part we can enjoy the beach in a swimsuit, right?! I used to love the beach and was literally a “Malibu Barbie” in my teens. I would tan for hours on end but now that I’m 40 and the wrinkles have set in, I’m freaked about sun damage and skin cancer. I do hope, however, to return to the beach as they are so beautiful and I love the salt water. I would really love to go to the beaches in Thailand. 🙂

  2. Such a culture difference, I suspect I’d be well-suited to Moroccan beach culture – my paler than pale Irish skin means I usually have to cover up with long sleeves and big floppy hats because even with SPF several million I’d still burn within a matter of minutes. 🙂

    • I am the opposite as I am blond and tan too well. I spend years as a Malibu Barbie in my teens and now that I’m reaching 40 regret it! I used to love the beach and being tan. Now I love the look and feel of it, but protect my skin like crazy! I have a very good friend who lives here in MN and is Irish and red headed. She just freckles and burns in our sun here! Oh well! 🙂

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