The Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

For this week’s Photo Challenge the subject is Friendship. There are so many friendships we experience in our lives. First and foremost with our family, next with our friends and if you are lucky, the best friendship of all will be with your spouse.

It was hard for me to focus on just one friendship, however, I opted to choose my children for real sibling friendship is pure, faithful and everlasting. I am fortunate to have this kind of friendship with my brother and sister and I can only hope that my children Sophia and Max will embrace this kind of friendship too.

My photos of friendship come from our recent weekend together along the North Shore of Lake Superior, a truly beautiful place to be together as a family and enjoy each other’s friendship.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. – Albert Camus

Max and Sophia searching for agates along the rocky pristine shore of Lake Superior.

Only two years and four days apart, they are close in age and have become good friends. They love each other’s company and together their imagination soars.

They could have played with the rocks for hours, searching for agates, smashing them apart and making up stories about them. I just laid back and watched in awe, love and admiration. I could feel their love for each other shine.

Of course like any brother and sister they fight often and hard. But in the end, they still love each other and are faithful friends.

Watching them grow up is one of the highlights of my life. Each and every day I love them more and more.

Max is becoming a creative, happy, confident young boy. He loves the outdoors just as much as I do. It is such a thrill to see him grow up and discover the world.

Sophia and I have become particularly close this year. While Max was off at school, we have spent a lot of time together. Time I will never get back but will never ever forget. Special time. Sacred treasures. What a gift.

Meanwhile Sophia has began to make some friends of her own at preschool.

She even befriended a sea gull.

Stay tuned…I’m slowly but surely catching up on emails and posting.  I will have much more to share on our lovely weekend trip! 


  1. Nicole I just love this post. It makes me think of my own family, how my brother and sister and I also fought often and hard, by virtue of having such very different personalities. But now that we are all in our twenties, we’re realizing how much we genuinely like each other, and that there is no one else in the world with whom we share so many memories. Sibling friendship is so unique.

    As usual, your kids are absolute dolls and I love that we get to join in on your adventures!

    • Thanks Meghan! It is funny that over time you realize how your family is really the only true ones that will stand by you all the way and accept you fully for who you are. Well, that is if you have a good family. I feel so lucky that I do and hope to instill the same level of friendship, love, loyalty and respect in my children. Parenting is a big responsibility, isn’t it! 🙂

  2. How fun these are. Children become so absorbed in their play at the beach that their relationship to the place almost becomes another kind of friendship.

    • Thanks Kathy! I am trying to play catch up now on posts and I see I’m quite behind in commenting and reading yours. I want to dive back into them ASAP! 🙂

    • Thanks Ailsa! They love to smile but I have to admit they get it from me! I’ve always been a smiler and my parents always told me they can read my face like a book. Apparently my moods are quite evident! I love the fact that they smile so much. I’m glad they are happy go lucky kids. That is the most important thing I want them to experience as a child. Now looking back, I believe childhood is such a wonderful, magical time. Fun to see it again through their smiling eyes!

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