Photo Challenge: Rhythm

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack did it again with a tricky weekly photo challenge: Rhythm. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enter it this week as I’ve been busy with company in town and I thought I didn’t have any good photos for this challenge.  Yet sometime at one of those half awake moments during the middle of the night I remembered that I do indeed have some photos that capture the true essence of rhythm.

When I was volunteering in Rabat, Morocco with Cross-Cultural Solutions back in April 2011, one of the cultural activities involved the arrival of the Moroccan band. (To read that post, click here).  We knew they were coming but we heard them first. We were all waiting inside the main living room when we heard the loud roar of drums beating at a manic level.  Excitement filled the air as we all caught on to the energy and rhythm of the drums and voices.

The front door burst open and in them came, singing, beating and dancing to the chaotic rhythm of the Moroccan drums.  Here are the photos from that afternoon…

Above is the band.  Note the musician playing the car axel on his head! It was very heavy and he joked around a lot by placing it on volunteers heads and playing it.

Here am I on far right trying to get some of my own rhythm by dancing with the musician.  Notice my arm is out of focus….now this is pure rhythm!

Did I ever mention I was a dancer in my past life?

Stay tuned…


  1. I love the guy playing the car axle, that’s ingenuity. I’m also intrigued by your other post about them, where you mention you took Moroccan cooking classes – I’d love to hear more about what you learned. Sounds wonderful. I giggled a little at the thought that the travel challenge sneaked into your half-awake moment in the middle of the night, Nicole, but I’m very happy it did, so I could read about your Moroccan experience. Hope you’re having a fun week with your visitors. xxx Ailsa

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