The Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This week’s Photo Challenge is an easy topic: Today.  The only requirement is that whatever photos you select are from today. No digging back through your archives or pretending. Instead, it is time to be spontaneous!

As most of my afternoon was already planned with one huge event, my son’s Track and Field Day at school, I knew what kind of photos I’d be taking.  Since it was a four hour long event with hundreds of kids, I could only use what was handy, my iPhone to snap these chaotic photos.  Yet I still feel they capture the meaning and magic of today quite well.  The excitement, the energy, the chaos and the fun, are all documented below in these photos.  I hope you enjoy!

Since Max’s elementary school has 800 students, the Track and Field Day was broken down by grades.  Grades K-2 were in the afternoon and 3-5 in the morning. Stations of the different sports were set up all across Lynnhurst Park which is directly across the street from Burroughs Community School.  The events included long distance run, 50 yard dash, jump rope, tug-of-war, ball toss and more.  Each child received a ribbon no matter what place and the groups were generally broken down in groups of five.

It was a wonderful, exciting afternoon embracing the joy and energy of the kids and reliving in a sense my own youth for of course I will never forget my own track and field days at school.  

The colorful ribbons. 

The events.  

Max (in the navy blue Burroughs shirt) doing his first event, the ball toss. 

After each event, the kids received their ribbons. 

Gearing up for the fifty yard dash. 

Lining up for the next event.  Notice the ribbons on the back!  The kids loved it!

Little Sophia who will go to Burroughs this Fall playing cheerleader for her brother Max. 

The flags. 

There’s my boy!  Max is in the lead!

As Sophia watches….

He is jubilant to win first place! 

Now the kids line up for the class versus class tug-o-war.  


Max’s class wins!

An attempt at a class picture even though they are all hyped up! Ah…I’m going to miss first grade.  What a magical year and a delight!  Thank goodness I’ll have one more chance to experience it through the eyes of my daughter Sophia! 

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    • I have to agree there! She almost wore her dress up cheerleader outfit! Now that would have been hilarious! She still loves to dress up like a princess. Such a sweet age!

    • Thanks! Exhausting though! 🙂 Need to be on a country road like the ones in your pictures I think! Somewhere quiet and peaceful. 🙂

  2. This brought back so many memories! I remember those little flags, for first and second place. My favorite photo of this bunch is “As Sophia watches.” So precious.

    • Thanks Meghan! Max was so incredibly proud and it was adorable to see the kids excitement and joy. I love that picture of Sophia too. She is such a little sweetie pie! Still little but not for much longer!

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