The Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

This week’s photo challenge is another stellar one:  Hands.  There are so many amazing things we do with our hands that it was hard for me to decide.  We use our hands to love, to help, to survive, to live, to explore, to create and to feel.

I thought back over my photo collection and here are the themes I wanted to focus on.

Helping Hands

I spent a week volunteering at a beautiful nursing home in Cartago, Costa Rica where I worked a lot with my hands helping the residents create, read, draw, dance and eat.

Here are some of my favorites.

Creating Hands

Hands are a way to touch each other and feel each other’s warmth.  After an amazing, inspirational week volunteering in Morocco our lovely hostess Khadija spent an hour delicately painting rusty-red henna on my arms and legs.  The artwork was a masterpiece in itself and I felt honored to have her hand-paint my hand.

Expressive Hands

The night before we left Costa Rica, all seven volunteers got to leave their mark on the volunteer Home Base by painting their handprints with an inspirational saying alongside.  Here are some of my favorites that have kept with me over the years (the last one is mine).

Loving Hands

Holding the hand of someone you love or the hand of a child can be the best thing our hands can ever be used for.  To love.  Grandma’s hand is always best. 

Family Hands

There isn’t much better than this….

Here is my entry. To check out more, click here.


    • Thanks Renee! THanks as always for your wonderful motivational posts! I don’t always get a chance to comment but I always read them and they sure do inspire me! :)Nicole

    • Thanks Kathy! It is 90 degrees here today! Feeling like summer and I’m loving it! I am outside now at 9 pm on my laptop drinking a glass of wine and so thankful for a taste of summer. Hope you and Sara have a nice weekend too and looking forward to more memoir writing! It would also be great if you wrote a bit about your city. I’m always interested in learning what other places are like! 🙂 Nicole

  1. I really like the way that you classified the hands into different categories. My favorite is the one of you dancing with the woman in Costa Rica.

    • Thanks! I got so excited when I thought it all up! I also love that photo! This little lady was so short to me yet she could really bust a move and dance! I look back on this experience volunteering in Costa Rica and it was truly magical. It was so touching to be with these people and they were so appreciative of our company and help. At first it felt odd when you had to feed an adult. It reminded me of feeding my kids when they were babies. Yet it was such a touching experience that I’ll never forget it. The people were treated with such love, kindness and dignity. A far cry in my opinion on how elderly people are treated here. It was really special

    • Aren’t they great?! We did them after a week volunteering in Costa Rica. I loved spending my downtime which was little, walking around and reading the quotes from all the past volunteers. SO inspirational! When I got home I did a handprint of me and my kids down on the basement wall in our playroom! It is still there and my quote says “Carpe Diem!”

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