Wondrous Spain

As promised, I got the good old photo scanner out and scanned my eight year old pictures from my trip to Southern Spain in May 2004. These were the days before I took a zillion photos yet thankfully I kept detailed notes of my travels in my handwritten leather journals.  I have over 25 of these journals, diaries of my life, which were mostly written in my early to late twenties, before marriage and kids.

This trip to Spain was rather significant as I was 13 weeks pregnant with my first child.  It was planned however we had booked the trip well before I knew I’d be expecting.  It wasn’t the best thing to do given my intense morning sickness, lack of energy, need to constantly use the loo and not being able to drink alcohol.  But we made the best of our ten-day trip, driving in a huge circle starting in Seville and moving south to Gibraltar and round back again.  It was my third time to Spain but my husband’s first.

I look forward to sharing some photos from this trip.  I need to dig deep, fix up the pictures a bit and share.  Here are a few to pique your interest…..


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love Spain but has never been to the south yet. Andalucia is still on my must-see list. 😉

  2. You have inspired me! I have photos I took in Italy in 2002 that I love and need scanning….a new project for me. Thanks! Your photos here are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more.

    • Why thank you! I think back about how much traveling I did before digital cameras and I can hardly believe how few pictures I have. I lived in France in college and only have one album of photos from my 9 months abroad plus traveling all over the place! But that was when I had to carry all my film in my backpack and it cost an arm and leg to develop! I seriously never got serious about taking pictures until I started blogging a year and a half ago. What a pity! Anyway, I LOVE my scanner! It is very time consuming but it makes me happy to get all those old pictures scanned and saved as back ups. I also am enjoying reworking them with Snapseed! So that is my trick! Yes, put Italy on as it would be great!!! Thanks for commenting!!! 🙂 Nicole

  3. Thanks for sharing these Nicole! I love that we are getting a glimpse into your past trips. It must be sweetly nostalgic for you as well, sifting through these old photos. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Oh the Spanish country side… I went there many years ago. We did the reverse to you with going to Madrid, Segovia, Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada and Neja. It was my first back pack adventure and I loved the history and sights… where the ‘travel bug’ bit and hasn’t let go!
    Lovely post and pics!

    • I bet it was AWESOME then. Don’t you find that places especially in Europe have had a tendency to get overrun by tourists and change? That was how I felt about Spain. A little disappointed. I had been there ten years before and then when we went back it felt so touristy with t-shirt shops everywhere and hordes of tour buses. That is why now I so much more prefer off the beaten path places and third world countries that still have no McDonalds.

      • Yes that is true… the world has gotten smaller with so much opprotunity to travel and Europe used to be the exotic destination… so now everyone goes! I went to Rome in the late 90’s and then again in 2008 and in 10 years it changed… so crowded. We went to the Vatican and so much of it was closed off to the public now and people were pushing and shoving, so rude! I was shocked since we were in a place of worship! We did manage to find places to go that were less crowded and if you do some research there are a few gems that can be overlooked by the masses and you may have to yourself. I think that is why I liked Vietnam so much… more local flair and less Western chains on every corner. After awhile you just think you are at home with so much familarity.

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