The Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

For this week’s official Weekly Photo Challenge, the subject is perhaps one of my favorites:  Blue.  I love the color blue.  It is my favorite color.  I thought I’d put a collection of all my favorite travel photos with the color blue below.  I couldn’t figure out what one to feature so I chose them all.  Here is what blue means to me.

The sea

Looking down from the island of Santorini, Greece.  July 2000. 

The sky

Skiing on the Ridge in Taos, New Mexico after a fresh snow.  February 2012.

The mountains

View on top of hike to the top of the Santa Maria volcano.  Guatemala.  March 2012. 

The lake

Lovely Lake Harriet outside of my house in Southwest Minneapolis.  Photo taken in February 2012. 

The alley

The winding alleyways in Rabat, Morocco.  March 2011.  

The building

Lovely blue building I used as my landmark and way to get around Xela, Guatemala, March 2012. 


    • We went there for three weeks on our honeymoon. I loved the Greek Isles but Santorini was my absolute favorite of all. What a great place for a honeymoon!!!!

    • I love that photo too! The sky was so incredibly blue against the new powdery snow that it hurt my eyes! My legs hurt even more after I skied down that run!!!

    • Thanks! I have an entire series on my trip to Morocco buried in my posts. I pulled out this one as I loved the blue and whitewashed buildings.

    • I LOVE that photo. Took it on our honeymoon in Greece, in Santorini. I fell in love with it there. Too bad I wasn’t as into photography as I am now! I regret that I don’t have more pictures from the Greek Islands. They are unbelievable!

    • Thanks! Anyone can do the weekly photo challenge!!! I saw some blogs I read doing it and thought why not give it a try? I love it! You just go to WordPress postaday and sign up to get the emails for the weekly photo challenge and there you go!!! 🙂

  1. Oh these are wonderful, Nicole, all of them, but the startling blue of the Santorini waters me want to book a flight there now, Brings back such wonderful memories. xxx

    • Thanks! Have you been there too? It was surely a wonderful place for a honeymoon! We spent 3 weeks traveling around Greece but extended our stay in Santorini as it was so incredibly divine!!!

      • I spent several months in Greece, some island-hopping and some in the north of Greece in the Thessaloniki area, which is lovely too. The islands, however, are something special. What a great honeymoon location! xxx

      • Wow, that sounds really nice! Were you alone traveling? Where do you live? I’ve got to check out more of your blog! I live in Minneapolis and have two kids, Max 7 and Sophia 5. I still manage to get out of the country twice a year thanks to a wonderful husband who understands my deep wanderlust! I hope to bring them someday too yet it gets expensive thus most family trips are here in the US and are visiting family who is spread out east and west.

  2. Ah, Nicole, Nicole, you can’t choose so you make us do it for you?:) You’re starting to impress me about Minnesota, what with this one of the lake through the branches (and last week, with the green stream tunnelling beneath the trees. But I’m sorry – hands down, for me: Santorini. That blue sure is blue, and the bright blue of the cupola – it’s a symphony:)

    • Thanks! So glad you are enjoying the pictures and yes I’m trying to tell the world about Minnesota. It really is a gorgeous place especially with 13,000 lakes! So there will be more. Santorini is my favorite too! That picture immediately came to mind when I read the subject of Blue!

      • Great! Thanks so much! Hoping to spread some Minnesota love out there! It also helps me to appreciate the beautiful place I live. We are headed up north in a few weeks with my parents to the northern shore of Lake Superior! It is AMAZING there. Bears, huge lakes, the Boundary Waters National Park which goes into Canada. Amazing place and I can’t wait to share! 🙂

      • I’ve looked it up and I can see where it is – fantastic. You’ll go canoeing? Pictures from water level are always extra special. Be careful of the bears though … 🙂


    • Thank you! Still haven’t gotten around to the award. I’m having problems thinking of which blogs to nominate as I already nominated all I follow a few weeks back in a self invented post called “My cup of joe and my daily blogs!”. I need to find some more now!

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