The Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

This week’s photo challenge, unfocused, is a fun one. Normally I delete all my unfocused photos, tossing them away and thinking they are no good. However, sometimes it is those very unfocused pictures that tell the story of what you are trying to capture. Like this photo below.

My dad and I were in Beijing last November and wanted to go to the much-talked about “Ghost Street”. Getting there was half the fun. First of all, it took three different Chinese staff members at our hotel to figure out the correct way to translate the words ghost street into Chinese. They argued, disagreed, discussed and then finally came up with their best attempt all while we were sitting there dying of hunger after a ten hour day of pounding the pavement. Second, finding a taxi cab that would bring us there was a job in itself. Generally they only want long fares thus we had to literally open the door, sit down, close the door and then tell them, to their dismay, where we were going.  “No, I’m sorry.  Not to the airport”.  Third, the taxi driver took us on a wild and crazy tour of Beijing just to add up the fare a few dollars. Fourth, once we finally arrived at Ghost Street it was a complete chaos of red lanterned restaurants. We were so hungry and so overwhelmed by a zillion choices of all Chinese restaurants that we finally settled for one that was insanely spicy. I was up the entire night with a stomach ache.  Lesson learned.  But memory captured.


  1. Great story! And…..while I understand the whole gig with needing “super sharp” photos, I throw all the rules right into the trash. Sometimes “unfocused” is much more interesting that super sharp.

  2. Like you I also tend to discard any photos that aren’t perfectly in focus and probably am too hard on myself getting frustrated that I missed the shot but there definitely is, as you say, sometimes a story that is told better with a picture out of focus.

  3. ‘Gui Jie’ I think it is called in Chinese! Lovely shot…..very atmospheric! I shall never delete an unfocused photo again 🙂

  4. Beijing and all it’s unforgettable images. Beautiful night light effects. Brought a sense of mystery with a rush of excitement and fun. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome! I wish I was a better photographer as there was so much to capture on that trip. China was truly a fascinating place!

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