Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I saw this week’s topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge, Together, and couldn’t get my mind off what “together” has meant to me throughout my life.  Together has meant my family and all the unconditional love, support and care they have provided me for the last forty years of my life.  

My parents and siblings have made me who I am today.  They enriched me with a love and passion for travel and seeing the world.  They have been there by my side each and every step of the way.  The highs and the lows.  The good and the bad.  Although I’ve started a new family of my own, my “first” family has still remained a huge part of my life, and I am proud.  My only hope is that I can instill this same love, connection and caring with my own family as I have with my parents and brother and sister.

Thus, for me there is no other series of photos that mean together than the ones I’ve posted below and before on a older post titled “Why I became the thirdeyemom“.  

Picture of my dad and I on top of the world at the highest point along the Annapurna Trek in Nepal in November 2010.

Photo of my son and daughter on a recent trip to Northern Minnesota. 


Weekly Photo Challenge – Together and A lifetime in Travel:

A slice of 1970s Americana:  Family trip to the North Shore, Lake Superior circa 1975

My mother, sister and I in Acapulco, Mexico for Spring Break in March 1989 (check out the “big” 80s hair!):

Missing:  Several years of photos of our family trips to France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungry, Germany, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii and more. (I have to seriously scan all these photos from my old, yellowing photo albums….Mom?!)

My Dad, Sister and I visiting my uncle in Japan during the summer of 1991


Photo of me when I was twenty-one living in Paris.

Me the summer of 1994 living in Marseille, France

Together again despite the distance (each one of us lives in a different State, even today).

My sister and I in Rocky Point, Mexico with our family in January 1995

Family ski trip to Les Deux Alps, France in March 1996.

My parents visiting me in Chicago in summer of 1996

My sister and I hiking in Tucson, Arizona in January 1996

Ski trip with my Dad and Brother to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1999

Photo of my sister and I in San Carlos, Mexico winter of 1999

Once I got married in the summer of 2000, my Dad and I began taking trips around the world together, something we’ve always wanted to do.

We went on our first trek together to Machu Picchu in Peru in November 2001.

Here is a picture of us in Ireland in 2002:

Our next trip together was to Australia after I was laid off from my job in January 2004 (unfortunately we have no photos together!  My dad can be so stubborn):

In the Fall of 2004, I had my first child and stayed home for awhile.  Yet a year later, on his first birthday my mom came to babysit him and off I went with my dad to South Africa (something I never thought I’d be able to do after surviving severe postpartum depression). 

A trip together to South Africa in November 2005:

(A break was taken for the birth of my daughter in 2006—-wasn’t ready to leave a newborn!)

Here is a picture of my Dad and I on our trip to Argentina in 2007.

Here is a picture of my Dad and I on a trip to Iceland in 2008:

Here is a picture of my Dad and I on a trip again to Argentina, this time further south in 2009:

Here is a picture  I took with my Dad to the Himalayas in Nepal in November 2010.

My Dad and I at the Great Wall of China, November 2010. 

Christmas 2011:  My mom and my children walking in Sabino Canyon, Arizona.

January 2012:  The three musketeers!  My sister Jen, me and my older brother Steve.  I’m the middle one, can’t you tell!

February 2012:  First father-daughter-daughter ski trip.  Taos, New Mexico.  

Looking over these photos remind me of why I am the way I am and how I’ve become me.  The thirdeyemom.  I hope I can instill the same feelings of together with my family over the years.  They mean the world to me. 


    • Thanks Lauren! I do feel lucky about it which is half the reason why I committed myself to either volunteering abroad or raising money for a country I visit each year. I know I am not the normal stay at home mom and that I’ve had these great opportunities. Thanks for supporting me! By the way, love your work on Shot@Life Lauren! ARe you thinking of hosting an event? Also, have you ever been to BLogHer? I signed up for my first ever BlogHer (it is first weekend in August in NYC this year) and can’t wait! THat is where Jen Burden met Caroline from the UN Foundation.

      • Thanks Nicole! I have thought about hosting an event and will have to see if I can make it happen in the near future. As much as I would love to go to Blogher, I won’t have the resources this year. However, I am for sure attending the Blissdom ’13 blogging conference in Feb. as it takes place in my neck of the woods and I won’t have to pay for travel expenses 🙂 I had a friend attend Blissdom this year and she absolutely loved it! Perhaps next year I will be able to swing the Blogher conference, I would love to meet up for that! I’ve never been to a blogging conference and can’t wait to go.

      • Wonderful Lauren! I never heard of Blissdom before but I’ll have to look it up. Yes it is expensive going on these trips. I just decided it I want to go for then I will cross my fingers and hope down the road what I learn and the contacts I meet will make it worth the expense, well I hope!!!!

  1. Wow. You are SO lucky you and your Dad are able to go on all of those travels – how special! I wish my Dad would do that with me. I hope to be as well-traveled as you by the time I am a new mom!

    • Thanks Madhu! I feel so blessed to have had these times together with my family! My dad and I have been taking special trips together once a year for the last ten years. It has meant the world to me! I hope to continue this legacy on through my own family once the kids get a little older.

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    • Thanks Meghan! Yeah we have done a lot together. It has been very special! I hope to do the same with my kids once they get a little older as they are only five and seven. Way too young to get it.

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