Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

I found this week’s Photo Challenge to be particularly difficult. Of course I have countless photos of all the magnificent sunsets I’ve seen. Yet every photo I’ve ever tried to take with the sun in it is completely over-exposed beyond the point of recognition.

I am entering a few photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge on my other blog, thethirdeyeworld, which have the sun indirectly in the photo.  However, for today’s challenge I thought on this blog I’d try something new.

I stepped out my front door, held my camera directly up to the sky and snapped.  Not sure how good that was for the camera but at least it was my iPhone!  Then I took the two photos and put them into Snapseed to see what I could uncover.  Here is my first attempt at this week’s photo challenge of the sun.   I hope they aren’t terrible!

Of course I wasn’t at all satisfied with these beginner’s attempts.  Thus, later on this afternoon Sophia and I went to the Bird Sanctuary and Rose Garden near Lake Harriet and I tried again.  It was a spectacular Spring day with a brilliant blue sky and not a cloud to be seen.  I found lots of fantastic new Spring flowers that popped up since my last visit which I will share with you later.

As for the sun shots, here is what I came up with.  I think the woods effect helped me capture the sun better, and I actually like these photos.

Last but not least, I had to put this inspirational sign in…..

I agree 100%!


  1. Yes, count only the Sunny days and treasure them in your heart. Beautiful play of colors and the Sun’s glorious rays are just fun and full of hope. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Terrible? They are all lovely, especially the third one! To repeat the advice I received yesterday – don’t ever doubt yourself again 🙂

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