The Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged




Photos above taken in local farmer’s market in Xela, Guatemala

I am passionate about markets and always make sure to spend some time exploring and taking pictures in the varied markets I find while traveling around the world. Whether it be the local famers market in Xela, Guatemala such as above or the beloved, exotic Souq in Rabat, Morocco pictured below, there is always something unique to find.


Photos above of treasures for sale at Rabat’s souq

Although the produce is usually thrown together in some kind of box, bucket or bag, I usually find the arrangement to be irresistibly beautiful and fascinating. How a random assortment of goods can look so strikingly beautiful remains a mystery to me.

To read more about my recent trip to Guatemala, search by country “Guatemala” at bottom of my blog.

For posts on Morocco, including my visit to the Souq, search under “Morocco”


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