The Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

The breathtaking Catedral de Santiago ruins of Antigua, Guatemala to me perfectly illustrate the word “through”.  The cathedral which was built in 1680 (after the demolition of the original one built in 1545) was destroyed by two fierce earthquakes in 1717 and 1751 leaving the ruins open to the sun and sky above.   I could not stop taking pictures of the magnificent view through the open-air ruins.  I am certain that the view of the moonlight and stars must truly be spectacular.


    • Thank you so much! The photo at the top is my reason for starting the blog…Nepal! I fell in love with her intense beauty and culture. Can’t seem to get over it! Yet there is so much in the world to see! Thanks for your comment! Nicole

  1. Your words breathe life to the majestic pillars. Spectacular indeed. Must be amazing to see it in person. Thank you for sharing with us the fun and magic of your adventures. Take care….

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