Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


Photo taken on Wednesday en route to Fuentes Georginas, the loveliest natural hot springs outside of Xela near Zunil.

Over the last few days in Guatemala, I have seen more colors than I could have ever imagined. Along with the glorious pastel hues of the colonial buildings, there are also the brilliant colors of the Mayan clothing and textiles.

After my climb to the Santa Maria volcano, I opted to go visit the Fuentes Georginas, one of the most beautiful natural hot springs in Guatemala located in the mountains surrounding Xela. As we drove up the rural road from Zunil, an indigenous village, my eyes were delighted with the most gorgeous colors imaginable from the verdant farms.

I chose this photo as I felt it represented the contrast of green hues brilliantly. It was a difficult decision which photo to select however I adored this photo of the picturesque, tranquil countryside. It illustrates the majestic beauty of Guatemala perfectly and the contrast between colors as well as traditional versus modern life.

I hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned…I am off to Antigua for the weekend and then flying home on Sunday. I have so many brilliant, gorgeous photos to share that I can’t wait to get home and write write write!!!!! Thanks for reading!


  1. Nate

    I guess I had a picture of Guatemala in my head and it looked nothing like this. Thanks for making it much better than I imagined.

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