The Daily Run: In Search of Color

After all the excitement and joy over yesterday’s slushy snow….today I found myself searching for color. Here is what I found…

Photos taken along Lake Harriet during the daily run.

I am bouncing off the wall today with excitement and anticipation.  Soon I will be heading south to Guatemala in search of color.  What kind of color?  Good question.  Color in my surroundings.  Color in my life.  Something besides the normal black and white.  Something exciting.

Not only will I hopefully see lots of gorgeous colors in nature but I will also see the colors in culture which I adore so much.  I will see colorful flowers, colorful houses, colorful buses, colorful textiles, colorful clothing, colorful churches, colorful food, colorful people….I will see so much color my white and black adjusted eyes will go on overload trying to soak it all in.

As a true traveler, I constantly feel the need and urge to experience these colors of life.  To seek them out and discover them.  The only way I can get rid of the itch which usually starts to drive me crazy after a few months of sitting home, is to leave the country.

Am I alone in this quest to see the world?  Are you also in search of colors?  


  1. I would say I live in a brown, brown and brown state. I recently went to Hawaii and just feel in love with the greens, blues and misc other colors there:) Have a Great Trip and in finding those colors!

  2. Oh, yes, I love colours. I was in search of them today actually, that post is for tomorrow. Im so happy we dont have snow here! It was beautiful, but one day is enough! LOL. Have a safe trip down south.

  3. I’ve missed snow up here in New England this winter but your yesterday’s-storm is my today’s-reality. I love the beautiful bright of a new snow fall but soon enough, I miss the colors buried beneath. I also miss the colors of the world, like in Pokhara, Nepal, or Pushkar, India or Bangkok, Thailand. I can only imagine the rainbow of hues Guatemala will present to you. Wish I could come too. One day, one day, we’ll plan a World Moms Blog summit somewhere colorful I hope!

    • Oh yes those lovely amazing boats of Pokhara! Yes, I have that picture downstairs on the wall. I wish you could come too! Can you imagine how much fun we’d have! The invite is always open!

  4. Ahhhha, as I am in the middle of harvest, there’s plenty of colour here. The boys would be so excited to see all that snow – it can wait until June or July for me!

    • How are you doing these days? I hope well! Did you see my old posts on New Zealand? I realize it is too hard to write about the past but I sure love your glorious country! 🙂

      • No, I haven’t seen the NZ posts – I shall have to go looking for them! When we moved out into the countryside we were on dial-up internet – it took a.g.e.s. for anything to upload, needless to say I was a very frustrated blogger!! It is great to be back on broadband and begin reconnecting with everyone. Hope you are well too…now to find those posts 🙂

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