The Shot@Life Campaign through the eyes of a child (mine!).

Something spectacular happened today.  Something completely unexpected but perhaps one of the greatest reassurance that my passion for giving back and volunteerism is finally sinking in through my children’s young minds.

I walked in the door from picking my seven-year-old son Max up from school and did what I always do:  Open his backpack and go through his paperwork, homework and art from the day.  I pulled out a white sheet of paper that was located at the top, and that is when I found it and my heart melt.

In case you can’t read his first grade handwriting, here is what it says (I corrected the misspellings):

If I had one hundred dollars I would….

Use to go to Shot@Life.  Why?  I will tell you.  I would save five kids and parents.  Shot@Life is a program that collects money and brings it to kids.  

By Max

I felt my eyes welling up with tears of joy.  Wow.  I could hardly believe he had not only written about Shot@Life but had really thought hard about its importance.    Last night, I had taken him and his younger sister Sophia aside and showed them the new flyers and pamphlets I received from the UN Foundation regarding the Shot@Life campaign.  I explained to them both how a mere $20 can save a child’s life.  I told them how lucky they are to have been born in a free country that has access to vaccinations and how millions of children around the world are not so lucky.  I wasn’t sure if they understood what I was saying or if my message had reached either of them.  They are used to me talking about poverty, human rights and volunteerism and are likely bored to tears about all my fundraising activities.

However, the piece of paper that I pulled out from Max’s backpack today proved that my message about the importance and necessity of giving back hit home and did sink in to his seven-year-old head.    I’ll be honest that when I first say the words “If I had one hundred dollars I would...” I instantly thought he would say that he would buy a new Lego set or some toys.  But he did not.  I am so incredibly proud of my son!

To learn more about Shot@Life and how you can help save lives, please visit their website at: Join now and help save a life!

P.S. I have several posts on Shot@Life and will have more to follow. For a quick review, you can look under the tabs on top of my blog under “Shot@Life” or search under subject. Thanks for reading and supporting this great cause!


    • I’m trying but it is so hard. Kids have so much today. But I am glad that I am starting them at a young age in understanding that the world isn’t like our home in southwest Minneapolis.

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