The Daily Walk: Tucson Highs and Lows

Photo taken on my daily walk, not run.  Ok…a little too hilly for me for running so when I’m in Tucson, I prefer to walk or hike and save the knees.

The family is sick with stuffy noses and coughs.  The dogs tore apart and ate the down comforter while we were gone, leaving thousands of white fluffy feathers all over the house.  My daughter tried to get out of the stroller herself and toppled over head first into the rocky gravel path, cutting open her head leaving scarlet-red blood all over her pale blond hair.

But, we aren’t sick in bed with the stomach flu (like we always seem to be when we are all together).  The comforter wasn’t expensive.  There was more blood than damage and Sophia didn’t need stitches (apparently any cuts to the scalp tend to bleed excessively).  And the weather is better than ever with non-stop sunshine and blue skies warming the soul.

It always takes a good family vacation to remind you that thank goodness you are with family.  For who else would understand the bickering, the stress, the meltdowns and the mess, than a close-knit family?

So, I tell myself to enjoy these times together with the eleven of us plus five dogs, for times like this are special.  Yes there will be family drama, stress and headaches but hopefully there will also be smiles, laughter and love.  For that is what family life is all about!  The good and the bad.  The ugly and the pretty.  The ups and the downs.  The lows and the highs.


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