Chinese Shopping: A video

Since I purchased my new iPhone just a few days before my trip to China, I ended experimenting with it a lot in China. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out all the ways that I intended. I wasn’t able to blog (it was banned). I wasn’t able to use my Facebook account (that was banned too). I could not figure out how to get my Skype account working (but I had my computer as back-up) nor was I able to use my iPhone for calling home.

However, I did discover that the new iPhone takes amazing pictures (especially at night!!!!) and also is quite handy for taking videos on the spur of the moment. Thus I found myself using my iPhone quite frequently for my third-eye efforts of capturing China on film and video.

Now please remember…I am a beginner at this new tool. Yet, I still was able to get some fun videos during my stay in China which bring this bright, magical, fascinating place all to life for you.  Who knows, maybe it will even feel more like you were right there with me on the trip!

For the next few weeks in between my regular posts, I am going to also add some of my favorite videos.  Below, is one that I could not stop laughing about!  I wish I would have bought one of those blond, swaying dolls for my daughter!  But I’m certain my husband Paul would have thrown it out on the street after five minutes.



  1. Haha the iphone is quite good at those things for a phone. I’ve heard of scorpion on a stick before, and have even seen pictures, but I never heard of Seahorse on a stick! What on earth would a seahorse taste like? You have some great photos (in your other posts about china). Asia is one part of the world I have not gotten to yet so it’s great to see it through your eyes!

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