Welcome home

After a whirlwind tour, I’ve finally made it back after ten fantastic days in China.  I am so jet lag that I feel sick yet I am relieved to be home safe and sound.  I have so many stories to share that it makes my mind swirl.  I already started listing out my post subjects and have managed to round up over 20 different posts for just ten short days in China.  Needless to say, China was an amazing, fascinating, eye-opening experience.  It literally blew me away.

So please be patient….as it is going to take me awhile to catch up, rest up, organize my 500 pictures and sort through all my notes before I can start my China posts.  I am just so relieved to be back in a country where I have freedom of speech and can finally blog (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and other blogging sites are all banned in China.  There are ways around the censoring yet I didn’t have the time to figure it out).

So, stay tuned….you are in for a third-eye approach to seeing China!

Me surrounded by my newfound Chinese friends (who were fascinated by my blond hair) on the Great Wall of China.


  1. Can’t wait for your stories and pictures! And by the way, you will also get the same attention if you go to Indonesia. People will ask you to take photographs with them 🙂

  2. Another fantastic adventure… Can’t wait for the details. We had great memories of Beijing and Shanghai 7 years ago. Unforgettable great wall of China and the harbor of Shanghai at night. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Welcome back!! SO excited to read about your trip. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard a lot of good and bad so I’m interested in hearing your perspective.

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