A day visiting my sister on the York River

My sister Jen and her family live on the lovely York River separating Gloucester Point from historic Yorktown Virginia. She has lived out here for years, following her National Guard pilot boyfriend (now husband) where he works at the Langley Air Force base nearby.

Needless to say, Jen and her husband have fallen in love with the area for its nice warm weather, mild winters and boundless opportunities to be outside. They live on the York River, thirty steep feet above in their home which affords spectacular views of the sunset at night, various types of wildlife (this morning I spotted an enormous gopher outside teasing her dogs), and views of the various types of Navy battleships that enter the waters to head to the Naval base nearby.

The area is also unfortunately known for its hurricanes which sweep along the river and wreck havoc along the shores. Just a few months ago, they were faced with a hurricane warning that ruined several piers nearby. Their steep wooden steps heading down to their pier where they dock their boat were destroyed and will have to be built again. Their neighbors pier was completely washed away with only a few remnants remaining.

Yet, it is a wonderful setting to raise a family and of course have guests. After our morning tour of Yorktown with the kids, we took a ride on my brother-in-law’s boat to Yorktown to get some ice cream for the kids. It was a special treat and each child got a shot at driving the boat. As you will see below, it was a highlight of our day!

I also lucked out and had a fantastic completely unexpected “thirdeye” moment when we crossed paths with a group of men who call themselves the “Marchers”. They were dressed in colonial attire and had just finished walking over 700 miles in costume from Rhode Island to Yorktown to promote the restoration of this historic path. I HAD to get my picture with them! (And so did my daughter Sophia! Hmmm…is she taking after me?).

After we ate our $10 ice cream at completely out of line Ben & Jerry’s (rip off!) where their cash register’s say “Have a Euphoric Day!” we headed back to Jen’s for sunset and the best southern Virginia cooking one can have. They cooked up some baked mushrooms stuffed with crab dip, coconut shrimp, pan-fried Yellow FIn Tuna bites, and a fabulous spinach salad with candied pears and pecans. We topped it off with homemade apple crisp and I could hardly move I was so stuffed!

But the sunset was as good as it gets and I enjoyed watching the ships sail by. All in all, it was a wonderful time together!

Below are my memories from the day. (Note: Unfortunately I am using my iPad and the WordPress app is frustrating so I am unable to get my comments included with the photos. If anyone out there is an expert on how to do this smoothly, please let me know. I am beyond frustrated so thought I’d just do the post the easiest way. Write first, than photos. Yet it isn’t my favorite approach).




















Stay tuned…Next post will document my day with my sister and four kids at Colonial Williamsburg. Were we crazy? Did we make it without any huge meltdowns? Was it worth it? You’ll have to wait and see…..

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