Last day in the windy city

The last morning in the windy city I had to take a drive downtown.  I didn’t make it as far as the loop, the business section of town that is looped by the el train.  That would have to wait.  Instead, I went to one of my favorite viewpoints of the city’s dramatic skyline, architecturally one of the best in the world:  Michigan Avenue.

Along the way, however, we happened to have a strange encounter with Chicago celebrity.  Here are the pictures to prove my touch with fame.

Photo taken Saturday in downtown Chicago near Michigan Avenue the infamous Ronnie Woo Woo, the ultimate Cubs fan, is spotted across the street and four lanes of traffic. 

You may ask, so who is Ronnie Woo Woo?  If you are not from Chicago, you probably don’t know unless you are a diehard Cubs Fan.  Here is some information I gathered from Wikipedia (yep, he is in there!) on Ronnie Woo Woo:

Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers (born October 31, 1941) is a longtime Chicago Cubs fan and local celebrity in the Chicago area. He is known to Wrigley Field visitors for his idiosyncratic cheers at baseball games, generally punctuated with an exclamatory “Woo!” (e.g., “Cubs, woo! Cubs, woo! Big-Z, woo! Zambrano, woo! Cubs, woo!”) Longtime Cubs announcer Harry Caray dubbed Wickers “Leather Lungs” for his ability to shout for hours at a time.

I could not believe the luck I had. Only 48 hours in Chicago, searching for fun and off the wall blog ideas and lone behold, across the street near Michigan Avenue is none other than the infamous Ronnie Woo Woo!  My friend Noelle was driving and instantly spotted his personalized Cubs uniform within the crowd, rolled down her window and yelled “Woo Woo” and there he was, cutting across four lanes of traffic over to our car. We both received hugs as well as a personal invitation to his upcoming 70th Birthday party nearby Wrigley Field. What a man!!!! What a Chicago icon as well!

Me with Ronnie Woo Woo.  It is hard to believe he is almost 70! He looks amazing and always wears a smile!

My friend Noelle posing with Ronnie Woo Woo.  He happily handed us an invite to his upcoming party! Too bad I wasn’t going to be in town for the big day!

After the excitement of seeing Ronnie Woo Woo live, we headed to my favorite viewpoint in Chicago.  A view that always makes my heart skip a beat. 

As always, all good things have to come to an end.  My 48 hours was up.  It was time to take the train to O’Hare and fly home….

Goodbye Chicago! Until we meet again!

Stay tuned….we’ll see what is coming up next!


  1. You’re right. I had never heard of Ronnie Woo Woo. I think I’m behind a post in my reading, but it sounds like a truly great weekend! Congrats on meeting this famous fan.

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