Eat. Drink. Shop. Chicago

Within 48 hours in Chicago, we arranged to be EVERYWHERE.  We went to some of my old favorite haunts such as the decadent Webster Wine Bar (of course on Webster), we hit Bucktown and Wicker Park, two neighborhoods that were just starting to turn around when I lived in Chicago eleven years ago and now are exploding with condos, restaurants, bars and shops.  We hit Old Town for our afternoon wine and people watching.  And, we even ventured North to Irving Park (see last post titled A Trip Down Memory Lane:  Part II where I describe this neighborhood in detail.  Eleven years ago, I would never have “walked” there!  It has changed but can still be a little dangerous after dark).

Here is a summary in pictures of our experiences of EAT. DRINK. SHOP.  PLAY.  Chicago.

My flight lands at 7 pm.  I hop the train downtown where my good friend Noelle, from my first job at World Book in downtown Chicago 1995, picks me up.  We head back to her apartment near Boys Town.  Have some wine.  Then cab it to one of my most favorite old stomping grounds.  The decadent Webster Wine Bar.  Need I say more?

First night syndrome

If only this was really filled with wine!

Me and Noelle sharing memories of our good old times in Chi-town.

Next morning, I wake up feeling well…not so great.  I had made a promise to another good friend that I would stop by and meet his baby at 7:45 am.  Yep.  That is what I promised.  I did show up, slight headache but full of joy and nostalgia.  I then walked through memory lane, photographing all my old apartments and reliving Chicago.  I made it to Old Town where I found a nice coffee shop and ordered a strong cup of Joe along with a sweet.

If only my kids were here….

Beautiful Old Town…

For lunch, we headed to Bucktown and Wicker Park.  Noelle had recently ate at Crust, a not your average kind of pizzeria.  It was AWESOME!!!!!

The bar was empty…

But we didn’t mind…

We ordered the bruschetta trio for an appetizer.  It came with avocado and cheese.  The tomato salsa one was delightful too.

Here is a picture of “my” pizza.  Yes, I managed to eat everything except one slice.  It was an ensemble of mushrooms, cheese and topped with fresh arugula.  I was in heaven.

Across the street was an inviting Argentine restaurant.  If only I had time.

Shopping galore!

 And as many outdoor restaurants as your heart could desire…

Near lovely Armitage….one of my favorite places in Chicago to shop!

Hmmm…hope my husband isn’t reading….

Need I say more?

Tons and tons of shops.  Ahhh….Chicago!  A women’s shopping dream!

The month before we left Chicago for good, we ate at THE restaurant in Chicago.  Charlie Trotters.  The place for foodies!  We spent an indulgent $400 (my parents fell off their chair when I told them) yet it was the most unforgettable meal I’ve ever “experienced”.  It was served in several courses with wines to pair, and for dessert, our entire table was loaded with sweets and homemade chocolates.  Wow. 

Back in Old Town for “cocktails” in the afternoon.  We sat and drank vino at the lovely Cafe Margot (of course french) and watched the world go by….

Nothing better than a cold French Sav Blanc in the middle of the day!  Life is good.

Uptown Neighborhood.  The infamous nightclub where my hubbie saw Nine Inch Nails, Front 242 and other great bands….

Our dinner delight…Demera Ethiopian!  Only in Chicago can you find any kind of ethnic cuisine possible…

Our lovely meal!  No silverware necessary as you eat with the spongy Ethiopian bread called Injera….Delicious.

Across the street is the Green Mill Jazz Club….you could be up all night!

We walked home feeling full and relaxed.  What a wonderful day in Chicago!  An amazing city to say the least!

Stay tuned…one or two more Chicago posts are coming up….


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