Old places and nostalgic neighborhoods of my life as a Chicago girl: Part I Lincoln Park

It’s been eleven years now since I lived in Chicago.  A lot has changed.  I got married in July 2000 and then immediately moved to Minneapolis after our honeymoon to start our new life together.

I love Chicago.  I spent five fabulous years there in my early to late twenties, getting my first real job, moving into a number of apartments, figuring our how to support myself, learning about life and growing up (all while having a tremendous amount of fun!). My visits back to Chicago have been short but sweet.  We have too many people to see in too short of a time.  Plus recently we have brought our two young children along which has made it a completely different trip all together.

Thus, when a good friend of mine invited me to spend a Girl’s weekend with her in good, old Chicago, I jumped at the chance.  It would be great!  It would be just us.  No kids.  No obligations.  No schedule.  Just pure, plain fun.

I spent the first morning taking a walk through memory lane, revisiting all of my old neighborhoods and apartments in lovely, trendy Lincoln Park.  A wonderful part of the city and in my opinion, one of the best!

Here are some photos from my walk in the past:

First Stop….lovely, upscale Lincoln Park walking down tree-lined Sedgwick Avenue towards my old place.  I love the gorgeous architecture of Chicago.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the beautifully constructed buildings and row-houses. 

Moving towards Webster Street….

The street is lined with trees and row-houses that capture my eye…

I walked by this crazy house every day for five years….I had to take a picture of it.  It is quite unusual.

Looking up….

Moving towards Webster Street, I reach my first major landmark. My husband’s apartment building in Lincoln Park, located strategically one short block from mine.

Located right at the intersection of Webster and Sedgwick

Here it is 401 W. Webster Place.  It was a fine studio apartment yet there were several robberies in the building and at one point, a homeless man lived in the entryway and tried to start a small fire out of old mail.  But the location was fabulous.  Only a few blocks to Lincoln Park and the sensational lake front. 

The short one block walk down Webster to Cleveland Ave where you reach my tiny studio apartment. 

Some beautiful row-houses along the way…not my place of course.  These are expensive!

Here she is….my place on Cleveland Ave.  I stayed in the very top attic unit that was converted into a tiny studio apartment for $520 a month.  I could hardly afford it yet I loved living there!  We did have a funny incident once, though.  We were cooking on a small charcoal grill and the wind blew a cinder onto an old, rotted part of the third floor deck.  Before we knew it, the deck was on fire and we had to call the Chicago Fire Department to put it out.  It was truly embarrassing and I moved shortly after.

More pretty art along the Webster

I love the gorgeous buildings along Webster.  I only wish I could have afforded to live in them! 

As I reached Clark Street and turned the bend, I suddenly arrived at the last place I lived in Chicago.  A two bedroom apartment above the boutique shop called Panache.

Here it is:

View down busy Clark street, where we picked up cabbie’s transmissions over our radio!

Next stop….night out on the town.  Stay tuned!


  1. I suppose I might have told you that I spent a summer during graduate school studying paleography at the Newberry Library–an amazing experience. However, other than flying through O’Hare, I’ve not been back. Sad, isn’t it? I have got to go–like soon.
    I so enjoyed your photos!

    • Yes…it is such a great, fun, feeling young all the time town! The winters are cold but then again, I now live even further north in Minnesota. I hope to go back again soon!

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