48 hours in Chicago

Landing in O’Hare…well past five o’clock. Hungry. Thirsty *not for water* and ready to go. I’m a woman on a mission as I buy my L ticket to town….

Here it comes…the good ole Chicago L, one of the world’s funnest, dirtiest elevated trains!

Thirdeyemom is all smiles to be the “third-eye” only sans the mom part.  He He….

I made it in one piece.  I survived a decadent weekend of 48 hours in Chicago and I’m still moving!  The trip feels like a blur to me.  It all went so fast, we covered so much ground, and ate too much, drank too much, shopped too much and were just in general too much.  Too crazy.  Too wild.  Too carefree.  Too fun.  It was a blast and I have loads of pictures to share and stories to tell of my blissful, kid-free, wild and crazy weekend in my kind of town.

Shhh…this one is too good to spoil….if you keep reading, I’ll promise to tell you in a future post of how I got my picture with the infamous Ronnie Woo Woo:

I thought it would be fun to break Chicago down in pieces based on my pictures.

First, I’ll do a trip down memory lane as I captured pictures of all the old apartments I lived in as well as the neighborhoods.  I had a great morning on Saturday cruising around at nine am and snapping away at my camera!   If only I had brought something better than my mini digital.  But ce n’est pas grave!  No big deal.  The pictures still turned out fine and tell the story of lovely Chicago neighborhoods life.

Second, I will move on over to a post on food and fun.  Need I say more?  Chicago has so many great eats, so much nightlife and shopping, and just the right amount of crazy to it.  No, we were tame.  I’m almost 40 for god’s sake.  Yet we still managed to have a blast which goes to show you can never outgrow partying and living it up.

Third, I want to cover old landmarks or places from my foggy, nostalgic memory (scary how much of my memory begins to fade over the years!).  My friend Noelle (an old friend from my first job out of school in Chicago) and I covered a lot of ground in two days and I continually yet unexpectedly ran into all my old haunts.  All those places with meaning, with memories and pure enjoyment.  I will share several of these magical places with you, in hope that it will show those who are not familiar with Chicago, what a fabulous, world-class city it is!

So, that is my plan of attack for the next week.  I did not bring my iPad as promised in my last post, “Confessions of a Blogaholic“.  I’m glad I left it behind.  It was nice to be blog-free.  But the absence of my iPad did not mean I wasn’t constantly thinking about “blogable” moments.  My mind was always thinking about things I could take pictures of.  Stories I could tell (or not!).  For once a blogger, always a blogger, right!

The weekend literally “flew by”  (yes, this is taken out of a speeding car driven by my friend Noelle while we were singing at the top of our lungs):

It all went way too fast!!!!  I almost couldn’t see straight….

Yet there I was, late Sunday afternoon, less than 48 later, at the L once again en route to O’Hare….Ahhhhhh…goodbye city…

Home here I come…

Please stay tuned….stories of Chicago to come! 


  1. Your travel brings forth sweet memories of Chicago. My nursing batch 1994 had a family reunion . It was a happy moment including the places we went. I ventured the sears tower despite of my fear of heights. I shared it on my post: Up. Looks like you had a great visit to the city of amazing architectures and that delicious pizza. Stay blessed on your travels.

  2. Sounds like a great approach to sharing Chicago with readers. Glad to hear you survived without your iPad. But you are right, the blog addiction never goes away. At best, it lurks in the background pushing postable moments in your face. Sara says our entire life–even a trip to the grocery storre–becomes bloggable.

    Can’t wait to hear more about Chicago!

    Fellow Blogaholic,

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