My kind of town, Chicago

I love that old Frank Sinatra song with the words, “it’s my kind of town, Chicago.  My kind of town Chicago“.  I can sing it in my head.  Yes, the windy city as they call it (not because of the wind but due to the politics….yet there is an awful lot of wind!) is one of my most favorite cities around.  It is fun, vibrant, young, hip, changing, exciting, and best of all, good old-fashioned Midwestern down to earth.  It was a great place to live for five years during the start of my career, in my twenties.

I am looking so forward to going back tomorrow, without kids and with no obligations.  Since we left eleven years ago, every visit has been a mad rush to see as many old friends and family members as possible.  Then once the kids came, the visits were even more chaotic and difficult.  Let’s see, my son got diarrhea when he was an infant and each place we stopped at to introduce him to our friends, there was a sudden, unexpected attack in the car seat.  Hence, we spent the first ten minutes of introductions scrubbing the car seat and him down.  Yuck!   Then the next visit, I got massive food poisoning and violently vomited for hours on end in our friends’ basement while the kids screamed upstairs.  I could hardly move for days. And, the list goes on.

Needless to say, I can hardly wait to go there on my own, with no kids, and have fun!  I can’t wait to explore all my old stomping grounds.  To feel that nostalgic feeling of my youth and feel alive with the rush of  vivid memories of my five years living there.  To walk by that old familiar bus stop in Lincoln Park where all the young people are.  To go to my favorite place for a glass or bottle of wine, The Webster Wine Bar.  To visit with my dear old friend, Noelle, whom I met on my first real job in Chicago at the mere age of 23.  I can’t wait to take a run along the lakeshore and see the famous, magnificent skyline as I turn the bend.  And the shopping…shopping…shopping…will be out of this world.  Ahh…Chicago will be so much fun!

One of my last memories of Chicago was of course one of the biggest days of my life:  My wedding.  My husband Paul and I tied the knot after six years of dating on July 8, 2000 in lovely downtown Chicago.  We had a beautiful wedding with 120 guests.  It was like a fairytale.  Everything was perfect.

The next day, we packed for our honeymoon and then left for three whole weeks to explore Greece.  Upon our return, we packed up our lovely apartment, while tears flowed down my cheeks, and moved to Minneapolis where we live today.  It was a stressful, exciting time of my life that I will never forget.  Although I miss Chicago dearly, I am happy here in Minneapolis.    Yet, Chicago is definitely a lot more fun! (Minneapolis is really changing however and has become a world-class city in its own right).

My last, most important memory of Chicago is below….my wedding day on July 8,2000.  Two days before we left for our honeymoon and then moved to Minneapolis upon our return.

Photo below of my wedding day with my Dad and Grandfather (who is still alive today and is 96) walking me down the aisle.  It was a special day, one I’ll always cherish and remember. Yes, of course I am crying! 

The happy couple!  (The relief after the ceremony and a few drinks!).

P.S. Wished I looked so young! Ah, what elevan years and two kids does!

Stay tuned…we’ll see what old hangouts I can find!!!!


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