A day pickin’ strawberries

The Brainerd Lakes area is only a two and a half hour drive northwest of the Twin Cities, of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and offers the perfect local escape to enjoy a family summer vacation. Home to several lakes, resorts, cabins, state parks, golf courses and forests, there is never a dull moment for an active family who wants to embrace summertime in Minnesota.

The days are long with the sun rising around five and setting well past bedtime. There is boating, tubing, water skiing, fishing, swimming, golfing, tennis, biking and of course playing on the beach with the kids.

If you need a break from the sunshine and water, you can always head off to one of many local berry farms and pick whatever is in season. Given it is early July, that means that the strawberries are bursting at the seams with delicious, mouth-watering ripeness.

There was a gentle breeze this morning and a light cloud cover, making it the perfect day to go picking strawberries. We headed over to Wallin’s Berry Farm, only a short distance away from our cabin in Nisswa, to visit a “pick-it-yourself” farm.

The strawberries were a little slice of summer heaven. Absolutely delicious as you can see from the pictures below of our visit. Note the gorgeous, vivid red ripeness of the berries. The mouth-watering juices of the berries dripped over your fingers and hands when you pulled them off the plant. The straw-mulched fields provided the perfect level of comfort and protection from the mud (on those unfortunate rainy days).

I enjoyed picking the strawberries immensely. The feeling of picking something fresh is quite liberating. But what I enjoyed most of all was eating them of course! Sometimes pictures will explain more than words. Look closely and you will see the juice bursting out of the red, ripe berries. Too bad you can’t have some! Mmmmmm….










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  1. Sounds fantastic! Makes me want to visit Minnesota so much! I’ve never been there but the summer activities sound like everything we love. Enjoy your wonderful area in this wonderful season!

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