As a thirdeyemom, I am passionate about giving back and do so through international volunteerism. Here are links to a few of the volunteer experiences abroad I’ve had over the last few years.

Volunteering in La Ceiba, Honduras – January 2013

I spent a week in La Ceiba, Honduras staying with a wonderful Honduran host family, studying Spanish and volunteering with children at a day care center for single mothers. It was a fascinating experience.

To read more about my experience in Honduras, click here.


Volunteering in Xela, Guatemala – April 2012

I studied intensive Spanish at Casa Xelaju (a Spanish Language School in Quetzaltenango) and volunteered at La Pedrera, an after-school program for underprivileged children.

To read more about my experiences in Guatemala, click here.

The beautiful children of La Pedrera.

Volunteering in Rabat, Morocco – April 2011

I spent a week volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions at a women’s language school. To read posts about my experience, click here.

The old winding streets of Rabat, Morocco.

Volunteering in Cartago, Costa Rica – April 2010

I spent a week volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions at a nursing home. To read posts about my experience, click here.

Me and Javier, my favorite resident. Cartago, Costa Rica.

I have also worked with the following Non-Profit Groups to fundraise and help people in the countries I’ve visited:

READ Global

Hands in Nepal

To read more about my fundraising work in Nepal, click here.

UN Foundation Shot@Life.  To read more about my work as an advocate for Shot@Life, click here.


In the Fall of 2012 I joined the Global Team of 200, a group of exceptional women bloggers writing about social issues around the world. To read my posts, click here.



New Media Journalist Fellow – International Reporting Project Ethiopia

The International Reporting Project (IRP) is based at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the John Hopkins University and the primary goal of the IRP is to provide journalists with the opportunity to report internationally on issues not traditionally covered in mainstream media. IRP’s new media fellows will focus on Ethiopia’s efforts to prevent newborn deaths, as well as provide an overview of maternal and child health, immunizations, nutrition, communicable diseases, and health care provision, among other topics.

The Passport Party Project: Member of Advisory Board

Photo credit: Tracey Friley

Photo credit: Tracey Friley

I’m honored to announce that I am one of the 20 Advisory Board Members for the Passport Party Project’s Phase 2 initiative. I will be mentoring one of the selected girls for a 15-month timeframe and help prepare her for her travel abroad.


    • Thanks Anita! Wow, it was hot in Geneva! You must be having a heat wave….! I’m looking forward to really re-working my blog and also doing more volunteerism as the years go by! I’ve made it a lifelong commitment and I look so forward to my next one, whenever that will be. :)

  1. Crash

    Love that you are able to give back while learning & traveling. I plan to do the same. Soon, I will be traveling to Cozumel & Belize & would love to get in contact with local women (micro-loan borrowers) who make jewlery, bags, scarves, loose beads to buy & bring back to the states to sell to fund additional micro-loans back to those women & hopefully more women. Any ideas as to who/what organization would be best to contact?

    • Thanks! I am not exactly sure on these two countries but I bet if you did some research on the internet you could find some great places! Travel guides like Lonely Planet also sometimes list good volunteer organizations. I love doing Microloans through KIVA ( and also Whole Foods has a foundation that works on micro loans as well. I am sure you will also find some women just selling their merchandise on the streets. Best of luck!

  2. Hello,
    Your blog is interesting, but I was wondering how you avoid negative voluntourism? There are so many disgraceful programmes that prey on the misfortune of some and the open-heartedness of others.

    • Thanks! Great question. I think the number one thing is to make sure you are going with a top notch group. I researched these quite extensively and thankfully each opportunity except Honduras was good. I should have gone with a better group. It wasn’t bad but the volunteer place was sad. I told them and they stopped working with them.

      • I actually haven’t done a volunteer trip for a few years as now I’m doing more social good blogging trip where I volunteer my writing for a non profit. I have always loved to travel and as a mom wanted to find a safe way to travel for good but solo. Volunteering abroad was a way I could do that alone and also live with a family in their culture for a week. It has been very rewarding.

  3. It’s amazing to find people who give back so much to the world, along with living the regular life! And here I am, wondering how you do this with two kids in tow. Any tips for the mommy of toddlers on how to go about the volunteering..

    • Thanks so much! I haven’t brought my kids with me so the key is getting either my mom to help out or having friends help while I’m gone. I am grateful that my husband is super supportive and helps a ton while I’m gone. When my kids were little I would only go for week and that was manageable. Now that they are older I can get two weeks in but it still is hard on my husband. :) You can also do a lot locally which I do as well. There are so many places that need help and volunteers!

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