I strongly believe in the power of a voice to make change and do social good. Therefore, I have began advocating for a number of non-profit organizations to help people around the world. I am currently advocating for the following groups/causes:

Mom Bloggers for Social Good and The Global Team of 200: A group of highly passionate bloggers who work with NGOs to cover such issues as maternal and newborn health, women and girls rights, safe water and sanitation, access to education, and hunger. NGO partners include UNICEF, Save the Children, WaterAid, Pratham, The World Food Programme and other smaller international NGOs. To view related posts, click here.

UN Foundation Shot@Life: Provides life-saving vaccines in developing countries. I have worked as a champion and mentor since 2011. 

ONE and ONE MOMS:   Grassroots organization to fight extreme poverty. I work as a ONE Moms Community Partner and have covered such issues as hunger, poverty, food security, education and women’s rights.

RESULTS: The power to end global poverty. I attended the 2012 International Results Conference in Washington DC in July 2012 where I learned about global health, microfinance and education.

My social good work and advocacy writing also appears on The Huffington Post – Impact and Global Motherhood Sections.

I also write for social good issues for World Moms Blog, where I am one of the social good editors and contributors.

Social Good trips:

May 2013: I was invited to accompany Jennifer James, Founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good to India where we met with our partners on the ground. To read about the trip, click here.

June 2014: Ethiopia reporting fellow on newborn and maternal health with the International Reporting Project. To read my stories click here.

Social Good fellowships:

International Reporting Project – Ethiopia fellow June 2014

United Nations Foundation Social Good fellow Fall 2014

ONE Moms Community Partner

Passport Project Party Ambassador

I’m honored to announce that I am one of the 20 Advisory Board Members for the Passport Party Project’s Phase 2 initiative. I will be mentoring one of the selected girls for a 15-month timeframe and help prepare her for her travel abroad.








    • thirdeyemom

      Thanks Amy! I always say even the littlest things to do to help give back will make a difference. I used to volunteer to teach English to immigrants and although it wasn’t a ton, I knew it helped. You don’t always have to provide financial support. There are so many ways you can help! :)

  1. Tevins

    Hey Thirdeyemom,
    Warm Greetings from the Pearl of Africa Uganda with wide arms stretched through East African states, I have been reading and following up your posts with World Purse and now on your blog, its an amazing work you are doing and its for a noble cause, we all yarn and want to live a life that will leave atrail behind us and the reason of existence filfulled by what we do.

    Am extremely impressed and i hope we can stay in touch for this and Hoping one day you will make your trip to Uganda.
    This is what we do and we also Run a Safari Company Called Maisah Bora Safaris ( Derived from Swahili) meaning Good Life Safaris and operating in East African states and 15% of all or income goes towards the work of Im Aware Uganda.
    I’m Aware Uganda its a women rights Foundation, advocating and raising awareness on social Justice, economical and health issues that are affecting women and girls right’s development in Africa and it serves as a Research Center for human Rights, Culture, Development, Environment and Gender equality in Africa.

    We are working in East African state with Professional , Experienced, Passionate and committed people to address the Rampant problems women face and hinders the development of nations rooted and based on culture in Africa.
    Where we work
    Our headquarters are in Jinja Uganda and offices in Mwanza Tanzania, Nairobi in Kenya, Kigali in Rwanda and Yeeyi in Southern Sudan. In all our Research, We involve our work with the government Officials, Social activities, Political Leaders , Religious Leaders to bring a positive change and proper implementations of our Ideas.
    Operation Areas
    I’M Aware Uganda is a women Foundation operating within Rural Communities and schools aiming at creating a conducive environment or platform for women and girl’s rights are Respected and Protected in Uganda .
    Our sole purpose is to Advocate, protect, educate and defending the rights of women and girls socially , economically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
    I’M Aware Uganda’s main mandate is to improve the lives of women in poverty, advance women’s equality and advocate for human rights, and contribute to the broader economic, health, Education and social well-being.
    We aim to ensure the participation of women as equal partners with men in all aspects of human endeavor. It promotes women as equal participants and beneficiaries of sustainable development, peace and security, governance and human rights. It strives to stimulate the mainstreaming of a gender perspective.

    Hoping to hear from you some day.
    In service
    Tevin Richards
    Programs Director

  2. advocacine

    Hi! I just got curious with your blog name…that is why dropped i by here. Lucky I did! It is very rare to find advocates — for any cause, that is! Because it is a calling somehow! In my own little way, I also do advocacy work — by making video documentaries on awareness focused on special children and persons with disability. I agree to what you have said: “even the littlest things to do to help give back will make a difference.”

Comments always welcome and appreciated!!!

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